Senate speculation swirls -

Senate speculation swirls

Is Harper getting ready to appoint a well-known victims’ rights advocate from Quebec?


Amidst the political furor surrounding Stephen Harper and his decision to prorogue Parliament on Dec. 30, there has been some buzz about who he will appoint to fill the five empty Senate vacancies—two in Ontario, and one Quebec, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland. The latest rumour out of Quebec is that Harper will appoint Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu, who has become well known in the province for his work with families victimized by criminal acts. Boisvenu wouldn’t confirm the news, but did say he’s discussed the idea with his wife. He also believes that, as a senator, he could advance his call for increased support for the families of victims.

CBC News

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Senate speculation swirls

  1. I wish we could rewrite Senate rules and allow only people like Boisvenu, someone who does something admirable/useful for community, and not allow PMs to appoint an assortment of bagmen, media types, hangers-on, payoff for past favour.

    I think Senate would be more respected if it was full of do-gooders.

    • I prefer smart people in our senate.

    • Will Boisvenu be willing to do what Harper and the PMO tell him to do?

  2. Well joylon maybe your idea of a lottery of elders or accomplished citizens would work for the senate. [ i don't think it's practical for the hoc] Perhaps communities and community organizations could put forward the names of valued citizens, who could be then put into a regional lottery with strict term limits[ they could be selected again if people so chose.] i lke the idea of a coucil of elders, who didn't necessarily have the last say, but still have a huge influence in the countries affairs. Just get it out of the hands of the parties and the professional politicians

  3. Makes sense…no one in the country has more experience at playing the victim!