Senator Mike Duffy resigns from Conservative caucus over expenses scandal -

Senator Mike Duffy resigns from Conservative caucus over expenses scandal


OTTAWA – Conservative Senator Mike Duffy has resigned from the Conservative caucus to sit as an independent amid a furious controversy over his expense claims.

Only a week ago, the Conservative government was hailing Duffy’s leadership for repaying the $90,000 in housing allowances the Senate said he owed.

Now a government official says there are a growing number of questions about Duffy’s conduct that don’t have answers.

The imbroglio ensnared Stephen Harper’s highest-ranking adviser after it came to light that the prime minister’s chief of staff Nigel Wright wrote a personal cheque to Duffy to cover the bill.

The gesture was described as a gift from a friend, but the payment raised a host of new questions about the ethics of giving a senator such a large sum and whether the payment was meant to put a lid on the affair.

After Duffy paid the $90,000 in March, he stopped participating in an independent audit of his expense.

The Conservative government declared the matter closed and calls to make public the details of Duffy’s expenses are being ignored.

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Senator Mike Duffy resigns from Conservative caucus over expenses scandal

  1. That`s 2 of Harper`s Senators forced out. I don`t see how we can trust his judgement. Look who`s in over his head

  2. I need $2M for a topless Bea Arthur painting. I wish women would’ve asked me out when I had a bit of time to waste. At least they aren’t assertive about being useless like gays (the flamin 15% ruins it for all of them; useless humans). I can always look FW to hookers, but the RW in the USA directed cash to really stupid people a long time ago. And I guess we are headed there too. With Ontario and their fianince industry trickle down in charge, we had an university degree-d elite with automated R+D spillover by means of new manufacturing products. With the CPC we have only community college educated and a particularly dumb sub-base of the 15% most religious cdns.
    This proves: Western Democracy has failed (twice now under ideal circumstances). The marketing systems develoepd by Intrepid are inevitably used to make rich people richer. Whatever system gets us to a stable plateau of some advanced technologies with a high Q-of-L and without WMDs or tyrants, will not utilize a one vote per person formula. We will need some directed forcing of power and the State is obviously a tyrant risk in initiating this. Real time weighting of power rather than once every 4 or 5 years. You rich people have just depowered yourselves in the future without realizing it; you’ll be able to buy alot of nice plastic nanotech crap with your networths: don’t worry. But there won’t be any need or want to install a difficult to breakthrough psychic wall of Biblicalism among our youth. Chretein and Hucheson both overcome their churches.

    • …between now and (2500?) when we get some Earth/Sun redundant rotating colonies, we will have chains-of-command that are heirchical flow-charts. Hopefully just including actors we recognize as human, as that is still most of our data-minable history and near-term future (less risky).
      I don’t get why the Pussy Riot equated Putin with religion. The chief failure modes of USA and Canadian neocon power; one of them is the extreme RW can’t make a psychic break away from the Bible. The other is rich people don’t have enough free time to study. Who ever is in charge is centuries will need study time and it helps to come from a background where they can’t afford it: best practises learning from a diversity of experiences and co-workers.
      So for now the Washington Consensus is useless. Fighting tyranny is cancelled by AGW; we seem not at too much AGW at a 7B population of 2B middle class. They will fail many of the other future social and technological risks.
      Stalin would say Smile!!

      • Francien? Now tell us your thoughts on Duffy’s resignation