Senators get their own "hockey cards" unveiled by NDP -

Senators get their own “hockey cards” unveiled by NDP


CALGARY – The federal NDP is immortalizing members of the current Senate.

The party has released a set of 99 Ottawa senator hockey cards as part of the “Senate Hall of Shame.”

“We think these playing cards that don’t come with gum but come with a lot of information will become really popular on the streets of Canada in the coming weeks,” said Peter Julian, the NDP Member of Parliament for Burnaby-New Westminster who was in Calgary to observe the Conservative policy convention.

“We’re actually giving them away because we think Canadians should know more about their senators. The more they know about Conservative and Liberal senators I think the more likely Canadians are going to join with the NDP to abolish the senate.”

The tongue-in-cheek cards include a photo of the senator with party affiliation and career stats.

It lists both the appointment and scheduled retirement date and the total estimated cost to Canadians based on the amount of salary and office expenses the senators would get during their time in public office.

There’s also a brief bio.

“Long-time journalist turned consul general Pamela Wallin was appointed to the Senate in the Class of ’08. This theoretical senator from Saskatchewan really lives in Toronto, when she isn’t crossing the country campaigning on the taxpayer’s dime,” reads the card.

The total cost to taxpayers was listed at $3,257,425.

Mike Duffy’s cost was $1,853,381.

“This former journalist scored the scoop of a lifetime when Stephen Harper appointed him in 2008. He was a constant on the Conservative fundraising circuit, but one place you won’t find him much is in Prince Edward Island, the province he claims to represent,” the card said.

One of the biggest pricetags is attributed to the third senator that the Conservatives are trying to suspend without pay for past indiscretions.

Patrick Brazeau’s total bill comes to $7,981,274, according to the NDP.

“The youngest current Senator got expelled from the Conservative caucus after being appointed by Harper four years earlier. He got caught making false claims abut his primary residence, and was charged with sexual assault in the same year,” the card said.

The cards also single out Duffy in where he represents as “Prince Edward Island???” and Wallin for representing “Saskatchewan/Toronto/New York???”.

“Each one has a bio and what they’ve done for their claim to fame or their claim to the Hall of Shame,” said Julian, who was attending a rally attending by union members, First Nations, and social groups across the street from the venue for the Conservative convention.

Hundreds of the cards are initially being printed but Julian said thousands will be added if the demand is there.


Senators get their own “hockey cards” unveiled by NDP

  1. Clever … no however the deck is dealt, you always get a losing hand.

  2. You know the dippers may not like the senate because they cant get inside the door(its gotta be hard on them)lol, but it is still a part of our democracy, and while its still a part of our democracy, they(dippers)should at least have respect for it. The dippers are always complaining that harper disrespects democracy, but when you mock parts of our democracy, you also disrespect it. I still respect the institution whether its now hated or not by the public, this institution keeps the PM in check, and without it, the PM would have complete control of our government without oversight. And its still there and will be for years to come. This scandal never started in the senate, it started in the PMO when they appointed Duffy and Wallin, it was the PMOs office that poisoned the senate.

    • It’s funny how you label the truth as disrespect. If the senators mentioned in the cards simply did what was right, and not try to rob Canadians blind, then there would be no need for these cards.

      The fact that you are rushig to their defense tells me you have no idea whats actually happening in your own country. The fact of the mattet is, it’s not disrespectful to point out disrespectful behavior. The senate and the PMO’s office made a mess of things, and the NDP are doing everyone a favor making sure all the information is available, even if it is only a vote grabbing scheme.