Sept. 17, 2012: Just the headlines -

Sept. 17, 2012: Just the headlines

Tuesday’s news, as told by Twitter: Topless photos, sea ice, the CAW, Roger Moore, Blake Lively and the 47 per cent


Sept. 18, 2012: Just the headlines

In the news: Topless photos, sea ice, the CAW, Roger Moore, Blake Lively and the 47 per cent

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#breakingnews – French court orders magazine to hand over topless photos of UK’s Kate within 24 hours. @AP Campbell
Russia signs deal with North Korea to write off 90% of North Korea’s $11 billion debt to Moscow – @ReutersBreaking News
Japanese firms close #China factories, stores as protesters regroup. Gallery:
Romney in secret fundraiser video: 47 percent backing Obama like government-sponsored programs:
Arctic expert predicts final collapse of sea ice within four years Environment
National news and happenings:
Comartin acclaimed deputy Speaker in House #cdnpoliWill
CAW, Ford reach 4-year labour deal Globe and Mail
Turns out "Tu Ere Maricon" translates to "You Are A Faggot" Blue Jays’ Yunel Escobar will speak to the media today.
We’ve got ’em. #Canucks re-sign Burrows to a four-year deal. Canucks
Entertainment and celebrity news:
Roger ‘More’ Moore: Roger Moore: ‘I’ve had more women than Bond’
Blake Lively shows off GIANT $2m pink diamond as she gives new husband Ryan Reyno… #MailOnline Moltisanti
Elsewhere on our site:
Top story on our site, @aaronwherry on the return of MPs #cdnpoli #macleans #cpc #lpc #ndpMaclean’s Magazine
Econ 101 via @stephenfgordon: What you need to know about carbon taxes and cap-and-trade #cdnpoli #macleansMaclean’s Magazine
Paul Wells on perception, reality and the Canadian economy #cdnpoli #cpc #lpc #ndp #macleansMaclean’s Magazine
Politics on TV: Who said what during last night’s dinner hour #cndpoli #macleans #cpc #ndp #lpcMaclean’s Magazine

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