Serial killer Michael McGray, who murdered cellmate, says he’ll kill again


VANCOUVER – A convicted serial killer told homicide investigators it was a mistake to transfer him into a medium-security prison.

During a police interview, Michael McGray, 45, described in vivid detail how he planned and then murdered 33-year-old Jeremy Phillips in their shared cell in an Agassiz, B.C., prison two years ago as part of a fake hostage-taking scenario.

The video of McGray’s complaint and confession to police was shown to a jury at a coroner’s inquest in Burnaby, B.C.

The inquest was called because B.C.’s chief coroner wanted the issues raised surrounding the safety of inmates in the prison system to be explored.

McGray, who was already serving life sentences for six murders, tells police in the video the killing was because of “a mental health issue,” and repeatedly says he is a sociopath who will kill again.

The jury is tasked with making recommendations to prevent similar deaths in the future.

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Serial killer Michael McGray, who murdered cellmate, says he’ll kill again

  1. My thoughts and prayers with the correctional officers who had to deal with the McGray incident when they themselves knew he didn’t belong there.

  2. Would it be feasible for Canada to have a SuperMax type facility to deal with people like that? There is no rehabilitating someone like that, incapacitation is the only solution.

  3. Self proclaimed sociopath covers up the body for the night and does not leave exposed. Also, claims he flushed evidence. Not much of fitting profile for sociopath. Sounds more like he is covering for someone else’s dirty deed.

  4. Bring back the electric chair.

    Get rid of the idiot liberals in the judiciary so the good men at the RCMP can do their jobs.

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