Seriously, wtf (UPDATED) -

Seriously, wtf (UPDATED)


UPDATE: Laura Drake actually made some today, and live tweeted the proceedings. Check out #gretztea on twitter.


This appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, in newsrooms across the nation this week:

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Seriously, wtf (UPDATED)

  1. No…. SERIOUSLY!!

  2. Gretzky a tea-bagger? I never would have guessed…

    • You'd be surprised. He holds dual citizenship and voted for Dubya twice.

  3. Oh for the love of crumb cake…

  4. "If you find the Maple Leafs leave you cold, try these ones!"


  6. Oh Wayne why did you leave Edmonton? Seriously, none of us would have minded there.

  7. Must have lost more cash in Phoenix than we thought…

  8. I wonder if Harper recommended the sweater vest?

  9. I'm a green tea drinker. Wayne hasn't impressed me for a lot of years. I'd choose a different brand, or I'd drink coffee if that was the only tea option.

  10. I'm sure Lady Byng would be pleased.