Setting the sidewalk on fire outside the PM's house -

Setting the sidewalk on fire outside the PM’s house

Police arrested man who started fire on Saturday night


A man is being held by Ottawa police after starting a small fire outside the 24 Sussex Drive residence of the Prime Minister. The man was seen igniting liquid on the sidewalk, and was arrested by the Mounties around 9:30 pm on Saturday—before being handed over to the Ottawa police. While it is unclear whether the Harpers were home at the time of the incident, the police insist the family was never in any danger. It has yet to be announced whether the fire starter will be charged or appear in court.


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Setting the sidewalk on fire outside the PM’s house

  1. Weird. To check out the future PM dancing, go check out the parliamint blog…..too funny.

    • Weird. I went to the Parliment blog to look for the future PM dancing, and the only person I could find was Mr. Ignatieff… and he wasn't very good at it either………….

      • I agree that is weird, no way Ignatieff would ever make it into 24 Sussex. At this rate Maxime Bernier or Stock Day may end up being the next occupants.

    • I've seen worse.

    • Yes, yours!

  2. Good for the fire-setter. I'm sure that he did what many people would like.

    • Some people might ''think'' about this….This Guy ''did it .'' I think they would call it arson or at least public mischief…Charge him ……

    • I'm sure most people would prefer you not equate the actions of a mentally deranged individual to how they would choose to express any displeasure they may have for the PM's policies.

  3. Setting fires in front of the PM's residence eh?

    Geez…….that's what happens when "Young Liberals" have too much time on their hands.