Seven years left to save the planet -

Seven years left to save the planet

Prince Charles warns of climate change-fuelled starvation, poverty and terrorism


Prince Charles opened the ministerial segment of the Copenhagen climate conference with the message the world has seven years before we “lose the levers of control” over “reducing poverty, increasing food production, combating terrorism and sustaining economic development.” Arguing that climate change is a “risk multiplier” that will make managing vital priorities increasingly difficult, the Prince said the very “survival of the species” was in peril, the Telegraph reports. He was particularly keen to encourage world leaders to reach an agreement on forests via a scheme that would pay poor countries not to chop down trees and even establish pension schemes and other financial bonds that invest in rainforests. “The simple truth is that without a solution to tropical deforestation, there is no solution to climate change, said the Prince, who flew to the conference aboard the private Royal jet.

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Seven years left to save the planet

  1. Ugh. Stridency rarely helps.
    Putting a definite timeline on things is even worse.

  2. You know, he's even stupider than he looks.

  3. There is no global warming.
    The climate change alarmists got busted. Now the emails, documents and source code are out for all to see.
    It was a money-drive lie.
    There is no global warming.

    • Now if only the temperature measurements from everywhere else didn't point you out for a fool.

      • Give it up Thwim, even the temps have been fudged (Darwin Zero, etc.)

    • also it was a scam when they said the earth was round

      • False analogy.

        No one used faked out computer models to "show" the roundness of the Earth, with deliberately distorted data, as part of a trillion-dollar international tax-grab, then "lost" the data when the FOI requests came around. Yet that is exactly how this "global warming" rubbish has proceeded. The Earth is an oblate spherroid, the climate is not warming, and you are a religious nut-case whose addiction to AGW is pure faith, in defiance of actual facts.

  4. Well, it's good that noted "scientist" Prince Charles, flew in on his private jet, to settle it once and for all. He tossed in everything but the kitchen sink in that rant. Is "Global Warming/Climate Change or whatever in the hell they are calling it this week, going to cause us to be hit by an asteriod or be invaded by Aliens as well? Notice how the more that people clue into this fraud the more shrill and desperate the eco-nuts become? How does he know it's 7 years,70 or 700. I suspect the hysteria has been ramped up lately because people are getting sick of listening to this and decades are going by and all we see are naturally occuring variations caused by the sun. There was a wind chill of -59C in Edmonton yesterday. Was that cold enough for ya? No wonder the hucksters had to reinvent the name. Total farce. Latest survey shows a dramatic reversal in Canadian public opinion. 74% want Harper to do nothing on this issue without a whole lot more study and proof from dispassionate, objective scientists. Not the discredited bunch from East Anglia or from former fruit fly researchers like Suzuki.

  5. "We must seal the deal in Copenhagen for the future of humanity. We have just four months. Four months to secure the future of our planet."….

    UN Secretary General said we had four months to save planet back in August, so Prince Charles is talking twaddle. Or agw believers are trying to scare everyone but, fortunately, it does not seem to be working.

  6. I'm sure that in 7 years, he'll say we have another 7 years, and that will continue indefinitely, until people realize the world isn't warming.

  7. Funny how "science" swings. 10 years ago, this was 'settled science" & most polls showed people supporting or at least growing support for the whole gw idea. Now, it's out of fashion, and rather disproved (the cycles of climate on earth are tied to solar changes; so unless you've got a heat-proof slicker able to withstand nuclear fission, good luck on effecting change! lol). But broaden the scope a bit. We have to get off the worship of "fad" science that's printed day to day. It takes decades sometimes centuries to scientifically prove almost anything. Gravity is still not understood though quantified by Newton some 3 c. ago; Evolution has a long way to go yet & that's been in the works for 150yrs; we aren't even sure what light is, for crying out loud. Before we go running after the "latest" "scientific" proof or cause, might we not be a little skeptical first? It seems healthier. Science on the dime is no more valid than religion on the spur of the moment or superstition at any time.

    • Once again, they're not tied to solar changes. Temperatures haven't had a strong correlation with solar energy since the 70's. Try reading up on actual science.. and to say it's "on the dime" just shows how little you've actually looked into it.

      • Sorry. I didn't realize that the earth was created in the '70's. Which '70's are you talking about? 1970's? 1870's? 1,070'sBC? See, (I have actually looked into it, just gone a bit farther back than my own lifetime, as I presume the earth & sun are a bit older than me, contrary to what my kids may think!) if you study the fluctuations in the polar ice core readings that have come to light in the past 20 odd years, you'd see that the famous "hockey stick" is more of an ant hill on a mountain of a relatively long warm spell the earth has undergone recently (~10,000 yrs or so). Today's temperature rise is rather dwarfed by the warm spell in the Middle Ages and is positively insignifcant to the warming that brought us out of the last ice age (don't know if anthropologists have found any SUV's to account for that dramatic episode of global warming!). And before the last ice age?

      • Thwim. I'm sorry, but do you realize how utterly stupid it is to state that the is no strong correlation between solar energy and temperature? We witness a strong correlation EVERY SINGLE DAY! You know, how it gets warmer during the day when the sun comes up, and then colder at night? Denying the overriding effects of the sun on temperture, in favour of the miniscule amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, is simply moronic. It would be like expecting an extra lightweight bedsheet to make up for not heating your home in the winter.

  8. (cont'd) Why, another extended warm spell. Then, an, well, ice age; then a warm spell. If we honestly think that through turning our 'stats down to 60 instead of 70 we're going to drastically effect the climate in any way compared to nature herself, we are seriously delusional! Save 2 degrees over the next decade?! Please. That's an inconsequential burp compared to the fluctuations the earth inflicts on itself. Now, do I want cleaner air? sure. Bring it on. But it won't happen unless the Chinese, the poorer African nations & the devloping eastern coutries (India, Pakistan, etc) are able & willing to recognize these as legitimate goals. There needs to be the debate. Trying to drag the countries into line with talk of doomsday on crock science intent upon the enormous geophysical time span from the 1970's to now is not the way to go. To those for whom GW has become a religious pursuit, there are some empty temples to Apollo & Thor laying around empty you can live out your pathetic lives in, but science should have no brook with this kind of faddish nonsense.

    • aaahh… the sweet sweet sound of reason.

  9. will Iran let the world last as long as 7 years?

  10. Did somebody refer to the "temperature measurments"??

    Just breaking, if verified, likely much, much bigger than the original email release,

    Russia is claiming the temp stations were cherry picked. Only a minority of stations were used in the world temps data.

    The ones left out? Those that showed cooling or no warming.

    And I heard from a little birdie that the Candian data is now being looked at that my also produce some very, very interesting results

    (Oh, and for greater context, it was the Canadian and Russian arctic that was in large part responsible for the purported increase in the last century)

    Hold your hats kids, climategate is just getting started.

  11. "lose the levers of control” over “reducing poverty"

    Gee, we've had our hands on these levers for the last, I don't know, 100 years? I just we've just chosen not to use them.

  12. wow… there are a bunch of arrogant assholes here.

    • Who? Me or Prince Charles?

      • Not you Jim : P sorry if you felt that it was directed at you. Just people in general and comments being made here and everywhere else.

  13. Hide the decline!

    Al Gore has a new best friend!

  14. HRH likely has low leptin levels. Pity.

  15. now he is not only the most unwanted lover boy of the regina family he is now somewhat of a psychic seer or mystic or snake oil salesman!
    private jet? a double talking goofball nutcase with all respect to his self important non position