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‘Sex and the City 2’ receives scathing reviews

Film called “fascist,” “anti-Muslim” by its early critics


Fans have waited with bated breath for the Sex and the City sequel, which premiered in New York on Monday night, but critics are tearing it apart, the Belfast Telegraph reports in a round-up of reviews. The first online review, from Ed Gonzales of Slant Magazine, awarded it 1.5 stars out of four. On Rotten Tomatoes, he called it a “fascist, superficial assessment of the Sex And The City girls’ intelligence and insults them as the women we came to know them as on television [sic]” Variety’s Brian Lowry said the movie “overstay[ed] its welcome,” while the Hollywood Reporter called it a “two-hour fashion show.” It was also called “anti-Muslim” due to its portrayal of Abu Dhabi. In one scene, the main characters are rescued by Muslim women who strip off their burkas, revealing stylish Western outfits. They are also portrayed singing a karaoke version of “I am woman” in an Abu Dhabi nightclub, which the Hollywood Reporter called a “scathing portrayal of Muslim society.”

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‘Sex and the City 2’ receives scathing reviews

  1. I had difficulty not passing out from all the stupidity jammed into the 30-second TV commercial for Sex and the City 2, but if the movie provides another example of dumb things Islam angrily claims offense over… there's one thing going for it!

  2. Muslims have gone beyond reasonable complaints to the point I wonder if anyone cares anymore. It seems like Muslims arnt happy unless their complaining about somthing. If you don’t have a sense of humor why watch a comedy. Get over yourselves muslims or go back to that glorious nation u came from that isn’t filled with infidels. Getting so sick of them

    • Sounds like the reviews are even worse than an extremist muslim complaining, a white liberal self-censoring themselves to what they think the extemist muslims will complain about.

  3. When are the muslim barbarians going to learn that we live in a free world figure out that they can’t force western societys to live under Islam. Like Marco said get over yourselfs you primitives I’m getting so sick of listening to the constant pissing and moaning over any little thing. Just shut up!!!!!!

    • I hate to get in the way of a good rage against crude stereotypes, but your beef is actually with western 'liberal' types in this case, given that the particular 'pissing and moaning' you're talking about was published in the Hollywood Reporter.

      • So what are you saying Sean that Muslims can’t be reporters in Hollywood. Second the reporter reports on actions and oppions of people. The people in this case Muslims. And if you pull your head out of your multicultural, uninfored ass you’ll see that all statistics and relavant info show that Muslims are the worlds largest cry babys just look at draw Mohammed day Jesus is drawn Budda is drawn Keishna is drawn if your going to live in a free world with free speach and artistic expression you better develop a thick skin, a sense of hummor. How are people suppose to grow if they can’t even laugh at them selves.

        • The Hollywood reporter piece was commenting on the scene in a movie. not the actions of Muslims.

          But again, don't feel like you have to let evidence get in the way of your well considered perspective.

          • the reporters name is Itamar Zohar their genius not to mention theirs write ups in the Arab glob the India times the Harrazet just google fact boy get informed. Like I said it wasn’t a review it was a news report on peoples opions. It’s a big world theirs reporters in other places than Hollywood

          • Hell and take it a step further and try reading some of the 1200 articles writen on this. They weren’t even allowed to film in Dubi or Saudi they had to go to moroco and pretend

        • speaking of pulling one's unifored head out of their ass, would you mind providing the code to be able to decipher whatever the hell this means:

          you'll see that all statistics and relavant info show that Muslims are the worlds largest cry babys just look at draw Mohammed day Jesus is drawn Budda is drawn Keishna is drawn

          • Unless u live with out contact with the civilazed world you’d know may 20th was Draw Mohammed day in response to the threats from Muslims over depictions of their profit. Complain complain complain everything is blasphamy or anti Muslim people draw Jesus draw budda draw Krishna yet when it comes to isam we got be carful or the bitchin starts just like this with sex and the city

  4. Hmmmm, looks like playing up muslim stereotypes might actually be a good marketing ploy…

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