Sex ed book draws fire in UAE

Critics deride author as an infidel


Her work as a counselor in the United Arab Emirates’ family courts inspired Wedad Lootah to write a sexual education book for married couples. The first of its kind, the book, published at Lootah’s expense, covers marriage in Islam, and offers real like experiences and solutions to sexual problems. But since it hit shelves last month, The Secrets of Sexual Congress Between Married Couples has proved highly polarizing. While critics (mostly men) argue that the subject matter is taboo and deride Lootah as an infidel, her supporters say there is an urgent need for such education. Lootah herself is hardly rattled by the controversy. She landed in hot water several years ago when she advocated for the introduction of sex ed in schools.

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Sex ed book draws fire in UAE

  1. In a country where female circumcision is still practiced, it’s not surprising that the U.A.E. has its head in the sand as far as sex education is concerned. Part of the problem is that many of the Arab citizens don’t even know they have a problem. Women still think that ‘cutting’, which is their term for female circumcision, is done for purely health and cleanliness reasons. In a country that is only ‘one generation out of tents’, and that was a statement by the daughter of a founding family, the U.A.E. may be setting all kinds of Guinness records for its buildings and malls while they wallow in complete ignorance of anything to do with sex, even if it is sex between husband and wife. Here is my support for this very brave woman who is trying to change the situation there. The U.A.E. is an influential country in the Middle East. I hope some of the advances in education rub off on their neighbouring countries.

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