Sex sells? Not so much.


What’s that German word that everyone uses these days? The one where someone takes delight in the suffering of another? Shadeandfruit? Shatnerfeud? [ed’s note: It’s ‘schadenfreude’, you idiot.]

Whatever it is, Maxime Bernier must be swimming in the stuff this a.m., after early sales of his former lover Julie Couillard’s tell-all My Story were tallied. Long story short: they’re terrible. According to La Presse, which reported the numbers with its own dose of schaden-whatever, Julie’s little mash note has more or less tanked.

The book launch, with oodles of ink in le Journal de Montréal–-owned by Quebecor, which also owns My Story publisher Editions de l’Homme, a coincidence, I’m sure–and interviews across the country (guilty as charged), was pushed back to coincide with the federal election. Yet after three weeks it has sold all of 5000 copies. Worse still, as La Presse notes, 4300 copies of those were on pre-order, meaning the would-be Bernier depth charge has sold all of 700 copies since its release. (Also, Max was reelected by nearly the same margin this time around, despite the Couillard scandal and accompanying book.)

The initial press run was 17,000, meaning there are 12,000 copies of the thing out there, waiting to be dumped into the nearest bargain bin. Wow. My Life sucks.


Sex sells? Not so much.

  1. Hands up, everyone who is surprised…

  2. It took me a year to sell that many copies of my book, although to be fair, I look a bit of a wreck in a cocktail dress.

  3. I enjoyed the ed’s note – (thinking how embarrassed Martin Patriquin must feel).

  4. Well, I’m glad that’s over with. Now maybe one our “journalists” can get around to focusing on a few substantive issues…like why organised crime is throwing biker chicks at influential Conservatives and just what exactly the government’s “internal investigation” of M. Bernier’s rather cavalier handling of sensitive dossiers might reveal.

    Or does everyone want to talk about du cul for a little longer?

  5. So, if we start talking about politics, that means we can no longer talk about du cul? Who knew conversation was a zero-sum game? (I happen to juggle an affinity for both just fine, thank you very much.)

  6. So, if we start talking about politics, that means we can no longer talk about du cul?

    You can talk about it all you want. Maybe that’s all there is here.

    …then again, maybe not. I’ll tell you, though…I’d pay (cash money!) for news media that bothered to find out.

  7. I bet Editions de l’Homme is now regretting their decision not to use a (how you say) bustier picture of Couillard on the jacket.

  8. Problems: jacket, title (big time!), the Bildungsroman structure (why start with your childhood?), and most of all the non-confessional tone and lack of salaciously scandalous details. You can’t have it both ways: you can’t be a biker chick and political Medea and be right all the time. Also, it should have been leaked more effectively, in drips and drabs throughout the campaign. Who is her publicist?

  9. The bookwoul’ve done much better if she wore little dresses and showed off her spectacular rack.

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