Sexists, boors, buffoons given free rein at Tribune Co. -

Sexists, boors, buffoons given free rein at Tribune Co.

Execs at ailing U.S. media giant make “Mad Men” gang look progressive


The long, painful bankruptcy of the venerable Tribune Company of Chicago is often cited as proof of print media’s bleak future. But a New York Times exposé suggests the firm, which controls the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and WGN TV, has been afflicted by grossly incompetent—and sometimes just gross—leadership since its leveraged purchased by real estate mogul Sam Zell in 2007. Leading the frat pack has been top executive Randy Michaels, who set the tone by offering a waitress $100 to bare her breasts during an early meet-and-greet at a luxury hotel with senior staff. Beer-and-stogie fueled poker parties in the execuvitve suite; bosses loudly discussing the sexual suitability of female workers in the presence of other workers; senior managers receiving sexual favours from employees—all count among the allegations quoted in the NY Times item. The story makes a convincing case that the atmosphere of amateurishness extends to business operations, with unqualified managers put in positions of authority, lamely attempting to disguise cuts as innovation, and standing in the way of the Trib’s core mission of delivery quality journalism (one was stunned to learn that LA Times reporters covering the Iraq war were actually in Iraq). No surprise that the NY Times was able to find a surfeit of departed employees—many of them female—to dish the dirt.

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Sexists, boors, buffoons given free rein at Tribune Co.

  1. Tip of the iceberg…

  2. Surely not a problem at Maclean's, where by last count there were, ah, NO female employees.

    • Not true– well, it's true that men overwhelmingly make up the majority of writers, but not entirely. And I'm sure you don't know the employment make-up of the office staff at Rogers. At the publication at which my partner is an editor, the overwhelming majority of editorial and art staff is female, and it's not a "women's magazine" per se. Should he be in a snit about that? I'm of two minds– I've chided Macleans once in a post before for being too white and male, but what demographic is the majority of subscribers?

  3. Man, aa story like this draws the politically correct crowd like bees to honey. Amazing how people take one side of a story at face value. I'm not saying this didn't happen, I would just like to hear the other side of the story.

  4. Old liberal news media starting to eat each other – good. Their narrow-minded liberal BS can't die fast enough. The boorish males accusation is a classic liberal attack, the only thing funnier would be tearful mea culpas from the accused.

  5. Yes..but just think about how much fun was had !!