Shania Twain next 'American Idol' judge? -

Shania Twain next ‘American Idol’ judge?

TMZ says Twain is Plan B after Jennifer Lopez


The celebrity gossip site TMZ has reported that Shania Twain is set to be the next American Idol judge if Jennifer Lopez doesn’t get the position. Two days ago, People magazine reported that a source said that Lopez’s talks had fallen through because of her diva behavior. The show is looking for a new judge after Ellen DeGeneres announced that she would leave the series in late July citing scheduling issues. Her departure was the second major blow to the series in the past six months: Simon Cowell, arguably the show’s most famous host, left in January.

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Shania Twain next ‘American Idol’ judge?

  1. Will people still watch with Simon gone? I never was much a fan, but with Paula and Simon gone, what is the point anymore?

    • Rumour has it Randy Jackson is leaving also…..