‘She will rise again,’ says father of Malala Yousufzai


The father of a Pakistani girl who was shot by Taliban militants for speaking in favour of girls’ education spoke to reporters Friday, telling them his daughter fell, but she was doing well and “will rise again.”

Speaking at the Birmingham hospital where 14-year-old Malala Yousufzai has been recovering after she was shot in the head, an emotional Ziauddin Yousufzai said he thought his daughter would die and he started preparing for a funeral, but a miracle saved her life.

The Yousufzai family, including her mother, father and two brothers, is now by Malala’s side and it released photos of Malala for the first time since the shooting.

In this undated handout photo issued by Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in Birmingham, England, on Friday, Oct. 26, 2012, Malala Yousufzai in her hospital bed, poses for a photograph, with her father Ziauddin, second right accompanied by her two younger brothers Atal, right and Khushal, centre. (Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham/AP Photo/)

Doctors have said that they don’t think Malala will suffer serious brain damage as a result of her injuries, but they said her recovery will be difficult. Already, Malala is able to speak and and can walk with assistance.

At the press conference, Yousufzai also praised the efforts of doctors and of all those in Pakistan, and around the world, who have spoken out against the Taliban in the days since the shooting.

“When she fell, Pakistan stood,” said Yousufzai. “And this is a turning point.”

Meanwhile, the search for those responsible for the shooting in Pakistan’s Swat Valley continues. CNN reports that, so far, police say they have six people in custody who were somehow involved in the shooting and they are looking for a seventh man.

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‘She will rise again,’ says father of Malala Yousufzai

  1. Rise again? Perhaps. But not in that nightmarish country, and, sadly, not for other girls like her. How many have been slaughtered, are being slaughtered, un-noticed and unremarked, in Pakistan and other fundamentalist Islamic black holes? A culture of misogyny- brutal, barbaric, homophobic, mired in 9th century superstition, and where slitting your daughter’s or your sister’s throat is considered “honour”.
    Disgusting, all of it.
    My heart goes out to her and all the other girls and women there and elsewhere so brutalized and savaged, and for the boys so twisted by that culture and religion.
    And we here are so frightened of being branded racist that we hesitate to speak out, and our politicians, being whores, are frightened of “offending” or being branded, or ostracized by their parties.
    There are adult conversations we need to be having here, especially in regards to what passes for an immigration policy.
    Our hearts go out to you, Malala. But it won’t be enough.
    Please, don’t go back.

    • The conversations we need to be having are about religion…particularly fundamentalist religion.

      • That as well. But that is inseparable from immigration.
        If we are to remain a liberal secular democracy, founded on human and civil rights, we need to start putting measures and laws in place to protect that society. There are forces of superstition, anti-science and barbarism that are at extreme odds with western culture, and we fail to recognize this, and to act upon it, at our peril.
        There are places, religions and their cultures, that still burn witches, slit girls throats for talking to a boy in another village, or for going to school; that force their women to wear head to toe black tents in 40 degree C weather, that mutilate the genitals of children and that have not advanced since the middle ages. There are those, in this country, and south of us, that devoutly look forward to nuclear holcaust in the middle east in order to bring back their so called saviour or Immam. Indeed, one that intends to become the next President of the most powerful military on earth, believes his god lives on a planet Kolab and wears “magic” Mormon underpants. Look it up if you don’t believe me.
        When we were all just throwing rocks at eachother, it was all fun and games.
        Now, with nuclear weapons, it puts us all on track for species extinction.
        Our species.
        Religion and religious superstitions have been, are, and will continue to be a curse upon the human race.

        • We have fundies born and bred in Canada…so restricting immigrants won’t make a difference

          It all needs to go.

  2. No.It was not a miracle.
    It was medical science, and humanitarian effort that saved her life.
    And neither science, nor humanity seems to have much going for them in Pakistan, or other benighted corners of the earth. Especially for women and girls.

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