Sheila Copps aims for Liberal presidency

Former heritage minister confirms plans to run for top backroom post


Former deputy prime minister Sheila Copps has solidified plans for a return to Canadian politics. The one-time heritage minister intends to run for the presidency of the Liberal Party of Canada, the Hamilton Spectator reports. Copps left politics after Paul Martin took over leadership of the Liberals in 2004. She was Martin’s lone opponent in the race to replace Jean Chretien, and finished a distant second in the two-person race.

Hamilton Spectator

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Sheila Copps aims for Liberal presidency

  1. Does this mean she will ask the party to spend twenty million more to China for Canadian  flags so we can all wave them as the party fades into the sunset.

  2. Well, if this turns into anything like the fight she had over taking a first class seat from a disabled person after she was asked to return to her coach seats but refused to move it should be quite a show.

  3. Dare we hope?

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