Ship carrying Tamil migrants docks at B.C. base -

Ship carrying Tamil migrants docks at B.C. base

Nearly 500 passengers bound for nearby hospitals and prisons


The cargo ship MV Sun Sea, carrying nearly 500 Tamil migrants, has docked at the Canadian naval base at Esquimalt, B.C., under military escort. The ship was met by dozens of border officers and other officials, who donned surgical masks and gloves before boarding the ship, in light of reports there may be passengers with infectious diseases on board. Officials erected large tarps to hide passengers from the media, as four buses and several ambulances waited to transport the ship’s passengers to nearby hospitals and prisons. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews stressed Thursday the migrants are not welcome. Some of the migrants are believed to be members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, which has been outlawed in Canada as a terrorist group since 2006. Toews said the migrants would be processed according to their claims and would not be treated as refugees if their claims are invalid.


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Ship carrying Tamil migrants docks at B.C. base

  1. Saftey Minister Vic Toews stressed Thursday the migrants are not welcome…If they are not welcome…. Then why are they in my Country Dammit !! That ship should have been challenged and turned away when it was in International Waters. Too late now…….

  2. You can't help but feel for these people but the simple fact is the bulk of these people are economic refugees looking for a better life and Canada with it's lax laws for immigrants is wide open for abuse. Canada can't afford to take in the steady flow of migrants that come to our shores. This ship should have stopped on the high seas checked for fuel, food and any medical problems and them turned around and sent back. Sorry, but Canada can't support the world's disadvantaged.

    • I agree, but see what happens when you contact your MP and ask to have this changed! It's too late! We hung ourselves a long time ago with this open door policy!

  3. Those people on this cargo ship have rsiked their lifes to come to Canada, Canada will give give its best facilities to look after these boat people. These people foreever will be greatful to Canad unlike those people who come to Canada on lawful immigration systems because those who came to canada through lawful means would not not have encountered any hardships and they would take it granted that Canada would owe them something because they are bringing some intelectual value to Canada from their birth place. Canada is a country of boat people whether they come from Europe or Asia. History tell us that the boat people are the ones who worked hard to better Canda dating back to 16th century to now. These people who came on the boat will also work hard to for Canada because they will always look Canada as a country that lookeed after them in their difficult times.

    • The will be a good slaves all their lives, will never complain ,even if mistreated . Flatter you for ever .I get your point.

    • They will be grateful enough to abuse the systems in place to their fullest ability. CAnada may be a country of boat people, but that history was a different time. This is a different history. Those people did not come here to make money to fund a war. These people are here for that. I spent nearly 5 years waiting to get my immigration legally. These people should do the same. We didn't ask them to get into a fight in their country and get their asses kicked. And before you go flaming me, I am Tamil too. From India, where your idiot fellow Tamils are creating more disruption and destruction. That is what Tamils seem to do, and I have to live with the embarrassment of being one of you. It pains me even more that my parents have to suffer the same embarrassment. These people who came on the boat will cause trouble here as they did there. That is their way.

      • Excellent post.

        I wonder if Jayaraman could tell me how many children I'll have while he's over there gazing into his crystal ball.

    • Maybe! But the truth is we can't do this for everybody!

  4. Immediate deportation is the only appropriate response.

  5. This land has been here for millions of years, and I, although Canadian born, have only been here for 60 of them, so I don't really feel qualified to say who should and should not live here.
    As a taxpayer however, I am concerned with the process we use in addressing these "boat people". Rather than being released among the general population (often for years on end), perhaps they should be held in a detention area (perhaps the Burwash area, south of Sudbury?) until proper vetting has been conducted?.
    It's not the immigrants I object to, it's the preposterously expensive and antiquated process we have in place to deal with them.
    For those who would object to these refugee claimants being held at a detention center, well fed and properly looked after, consider for a moment the conditions they have fled in order to come to this country.

  6. Long time ago a ship full of Jews was sent back from Canadian coast. Americans did the same. Imitating Americans is a century old Canadian value. Canada is still trying to redeem for this sin by giving more than equal rights, I mean special rights to Jews . who knows Canada will be apologizing 100 years from now for sending this ship back.Two wrongs do not make a right ! They should allow those migrants or refugees. Obey the law. Canada has added responsibility because they tacitly supported the massacre of Tamils by the Siri Lankan Govt. Canada is too full of the milk of human kindness and they protest human right abuses all over the world but Siri Lankan Govt is clever. This time they hired Israel to help them kill Tamils . Israel assured them that they will keep the International community silent on that . all western countries remained silent when the Tamils were being massacred . These refugees must be allowed in , but make sure you give them hard time getting legal status , and a long time to process their claims so that they are open to abuse and when they get the status eventually they must remember to thank Canadians with teary eyes every day for letting them in, You don't like thankless Immigrants. so make sure it is done properly. Legal migrants tend to be thankless and take your jobs,Don't they?

    • And that has nothing to do with the present situation 50 some odd years later and many tinkerings with the immigration system as it stands now, porous and easily abused.

  7. As a deterent, the government should announce that all ships bringing alleged "refugees" to Canada will be seized and those ships sold at auction as scrap metal, to cover the costs of shipping them back to their homelands. Problem solved! Fewer ship owners will risk dumping human cargo on Canada's shores if they risk losing their ship for doing it.

    • very good idea. here is an extension to it. confiscate the ship and make them buy it back at tripple the cost plus the amount they took from each person/family onboard. kick them where it hurts the most. it will pay to send them back and we might even make a bit on the deal, eh!

  8. These are not good people on that ship.

  9. We are the world's fools! Get out a map people! From Sri Lanka, one could sail to Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia in a few days. Did the ship (and countless others in the future) go THERE?! Nope. Canada, half a world away IS the 'destination of choice'. The world knows it now kids. And this in relatively 'good' economic times. Wait till the economies of the globe wobble a bit or careen toward collapse! A fleet of boats to rival that of the 10,000 Ming Dynasty ships will appear on the horizon, landing all across the BC West Coast (which, for the geographically challenged, is the equivalent of the coast between Vancouver and Central California: NOT defendable by our Navy should such a wave occur!). 'Refugee'! Sounds so innocent and PC. Don't like your own country?! NO problem. Get on a boat and float, willy nilly onto OUR shores and you're good to go. Land at a Canadian airport and same thing. Come ONE, come ALL… The land of the 'stupid Canadian's (desperate to be liked by the world) will crash head long into the endless waves of 'economic refugees'… Hahahaha!
    Australia, being on the 'doorstep' of over a two billion peoples, knows full well a 'zero tolerance' policy is the ONLY answer. I wholeheartedly agree with comments by Dave Sanderson. Though expect the pandering politicians to fall all over themselves trying to be teflon about it all. The 'refugees' should ALL be given a free meal and put on a plane back! Instead, they will be 'processed' and set free into Canada as an example to the world what fools we are!
    I must admit though, as an immigration 'option' it IS the best for anyone wanting to get here. Why wait at the local embassy or sit for years while your 'application' is being 'processed'. Just GET HERE! Our idiot bureaucrats will handle all the details. We are globally naive and pathetic to signal thus!

  10. This ship should never be allowed to approach Canadian territorial water.
    We are known now as a world sluim where anyone can come, claim refugee and fool immigratio0n system.
    At some point US will introduce visas for Canadians because we will become a nest for the worst scum..

  11. Jayaraman Vadivelu wrote:
    "These people foreever will be greatful to Canad unlike those people who come to Canada on lawful immigration systems"

    Yes, and starting your new life by breaking the law and costing us millions of dollars is a good way to show your gratitude.

    How's this:
    All the Tamils in Toronto screaming for us to let these folks in…will pick up the tab. We'll take all the money they collect in their temples, and send it to the government to cover the tab.

    Second….no legal fees paid by the taxpayers. Either the lawyers cover the cases pro-bono (as a true humanitarian would) or the Tamil's in toronto kick in.

    If not……one word for the next ship that approaches our shores.


    • wishful thinking at its best, James! we are going to get hit with some new tax to pay for the lawyers. The lawyers are going to charge the max they can. The tamils are going to get reinforcements for themselves here and in sri lanka. And we are going to watch it all on CNN, NBC, BBC and CBC (if they dare to). Our blood and sweat will ultimately benefit them, not us. That is what the tamils wanted in the first place when they asked Canadians to "help" stop the massacre. Now they are going to get it, whether we like it or not. Cheers!!

  12. I was kind of hoping the Tamils would have won that war in Sri Lanka. Then they would pack up and move back home…..and take their terrorists and hatred with them.

    As it stands now….the folks in TO will have to contend with ever increasing pressures of the special interests of that diaspora, and we'll have to put up with ever increasing pandering by Liberal MP's who depend on Tamil votes to keep their seats in that region.

  13. Who paid the reported $35,000 to $40,000 smuggling costs for each of these Tamils to sail to Canada? If the Tamils in Toronto paid these amounts then it's obvious they are in cahoots and breaking our laws!! If the 500 Tamils on the boat paid the fees then tey obviously are not some poor folk needing a new home in Canada!! Either way what has been done is contrary to our LAWS, who is going to get tough and make other abide by our LAWS??? You know times are tough for many bona fide Canadians, yet to see these Tamils be escorted into Canada and given 1st class medical treatment and lawyers is sickening to most who wait hours in an emergency room just to get medical attention, let alone be able to afford a lawyer to represent them!! Line jumpers who break the LAWS of Canada should NOT be rewarded, it's as simple as that. It's time for Harper to show some balls or forget about anoter term, same goes or any bleeding heart Liberal, we will remember.

  14. The only solution to deal with the handcuffs the Courts put around our Parliament is the Notwithstanding clause.

    It makes no sense that someone intentionally flouting our laws, are also protected by them.