Shirley Douglas blasts CBC as she picks up lifetime achievement award -

Shirley Douglas blasts CBC as she picks up lifetime achievement award


Shirley Douglas was recognized by friends, family and fans last evening during an ACTRA celebration in Toronto.

The star of stage and screen was honoured by the Toronto branch of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists with a lifetime achievement award.

Before receiving her award from Rick Mercer, Douglas made the case for change in the Canadian TV industry.

“CBC is in my line of fire,” the Canadian Press quotes the actress as saying. “I just cannot believe that that company has not recognized that they need name recognition. And I used to be told long ago that one of the reasons they didn’t is that they were afraid we would become well-known and then want more money. And I don’t know what the reason is, but even to this day there’s a poster for ‘Heartland’ with that poor woman standing there with the horse (and) miles of blue sky to write everyone’s name on. You don’t know even (know): Is it a car company? What is it?”

Douglas made the same case earlier in the week when she appeared on Global’s morning show. “Every country in the world has incredible talent,” she said Thursday, “but you’ve got to recognize it and you’ve got to develop it [and] look after it or it will go away.”

Shirley Douglas earns lifetime achievement award

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Looking forward to the ACTRA awards this evening! More fun than the Oscars, because we don’t have to sit for four hours plus our thespians are naturally good-looking without plastic surgery…Dan Lyon
#Kiefer Sutherland celebrated with his Mom Shirley Douglas at the #Actra Awards She received the award of excellence Martin
ACTRA Toronto 2013 Awards #Actratoronto #actra #actraawards. B
Heading the the ACTRA awards to see Shirley Douglas pick up the Award of Excellence.Rick Mercer
@PeggyNashNDP w #actra award of excellence recipient Shirley Douglas. Two fab sequined smart activist babes Taft

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Shirley Douglas blasts CBC as she picks up lifetime achievement award

    • Daughter of Tommy, wife of Donald Sutherland, mother of Kiefer…..lifetime of theatre and activism….who just proved her point.

      • Lifetime of sponging off the government unlike her much more talented son

        • You didn’t even read the article, didja… keep insisting on being stupid.

          • When it comes to being stupids the monopoly belongs to Emily One note

          • Ahh the teenager is here again.

          • Better a working teenager than a life long parasite leeching off taxpayers money i.e. Douglas, Mary Walsh, Rick Mercer ,Ron James and any other Canadian has-been who lacks the ability and talent to cut it in the States.

          • But you live and work here because……..

        • “The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.”
          – John Kenneth Galbraith, 1908 – 2006

  1. You can almost hear all the right-wingers prick up their ears and ever-so-eagerly click on the link, hoping, hoping, hoping…only to be let down when they find its an actor who wants more recognition for actors.

  2. No thanks! Most of what I see on CBC is boring drivel done by largely talentless hacks. I pay enough for the CBC as is. As for the actors, well haven’t we learned anything from Hollywood? Look at most of the Hollywood movies they stink. They are mostly the same storylines repeated for the 80th time in a movie with pitiful acting. Yet, they have big budgets and overpriced actors’ salaries. Gee, I really want more of that fluff up here. Oh yeah, I feel really sorry for Shirley Douglas! She looked real poverty stricken to me. If EmilyOne and her friends want to cover the CBC than they can make some nice generous donations out of their own pockets. Thats how they do it with PBS in the U.S.

    • So which one of the two old guys on the Muppets are you?

      • Both of them I’m guessing. Mr Senile and Mr Dementia.

        • So you’re saying you want to watch CBC. You just don’t want to pay for it. You’re a parasite. You don’t have the right do decide who pays for what. You want CBC then you and your fellow parasites can pay for it (It’s called a pledge drive). Those of us who don’t watch, will not. Don’t think you get to decide where MY money goes. You want to fund all your pet projects, fine. Do it with YOUR money, and stay away from mine. Greedy parasites.

          • Oh do stop whining. Such a petty person you are. I notice there isn’t a peep out of you about the cost of F-35s.

          • You do know our military budget is practically non-existent right? But yet junkies get needles handed to them, and millions of dollars of condoms get thrown at horny teens because they’re too embarrassed to buy them. Get real. The government is only responsible to make sure you’re rights aren’t violated. It’s not their job to provide you with the means to inject dangerous substances into your body, or to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Or fund a network. You’re like that bitch who got trans-fats banned. You don’t, repeat DON’T get to dictate to, or use legislation to force others to do things YOUR way. Like I said earlier, you want the CBC? Then YOU cut them a cheque. Having the government do it means they can’t spend money on things that actually matter. Like the military, or investing in infrastructure. But because you’re too lazy to write out a cheque, the things I mentioned get zero.

          • LOL Our military budget is $20 billion. Waaay too much.

            Our govt is responsible for whatever voters decide it is….and certainly good health is part of their job.

            Stop calling people names because you disagree with them. Be a grown-up.

            You want the military hon, YOU cut them a cheque.

          • First off the military budget is a little under $25 billion. But do you even have the slightest clue what $25 billion pays for in terms of military hardware? Or equipment? I don’t think you do. The military is necessary, the CBC isn’t. The government has ZERO right to intervene in something so trivial.

            Voting for something doesn’t determine validity. You’re saying that if a majority agreed on it, it’s right. You couldn’t be more wrong. If today, a majority agreed that women no longer had any rights, you would just accept that? Bullshit. YOU don’t get to decide what I do with MY life, MY property, MY body or what MY rights are. Your freedom to swing your arms stops at my nose. You think that a television station should be funded by public money at the expense of a national defense? Or a better infrastructure?

            You’re still a leeching parasite. Wanting something, but not wanting to pay for it. Expecting those who don’t use a service to pick up the tab. You want the CBC (or anything). You pick up the tab, and you leave those of us who don’t want it out of the picture.

          • I know what the military budget is, and I know what it pays for. I was in the military.

            The military is no longer necessary. And all those billions would easily afford us universal education…..far more useful than an outdated concept.

            You wanna go back to peacekeeping fine, but the Cold War….and any hot war requiring all that … over. A cyberwarfare team would be far more useful. WWII was the last century.

            Enough with the my, my, my…..the world does not revolve around you.

          • Even if you were, which I have my doubts of. It costs alot just to train personnel. Add the costs to buy equipment, ordinance, etc. It adds up quick. Even your cyberwarfare idea, which admittedly is a good one, costs money. Plus, you will always need troops. We wouldn’t be able to defend the country or its interests without them. The military is needed far more than a lame tv station.

            I never said the world revolves around me. Don’t put words in my mouth. But it is my life, and my money, I earned it. You, nor anyone else gets to decide what I do with it.

            Rights are NOT decided by majority rule or committee.

            I notice you have nothing to say about the hypothetical of women getting their rights voted away.

          • We can’t defend Canada and never could. That’s fantasy.

            I earned my money too….and I’d prefer it goes on something sensible rather than ‘toys for the boys’. Outdated toys at that.

            Peacekeepers and a large crack cyberteam….that’s it.

          • Fine. Nothing is stopping you, or anybody from cutting them a cheque. You have that right. But you don’t get to use the government to force those who don’t watch, or support the CBC to do so. Putting aside the military, there are still way better uses for government money than a TV station. Infrastructre, industry and education are much more important.

          • Well I don’t watch TV at all…..but a national broadcaster is still a good idea. It was a PC initiative ya know.

            I have no idea who is forcing YOU to watch. That’s why God invented the OFF button on your remote.

            Yes, infrastructure, education etc are important….but what’s with the false choice? We can well afford all of those things.