Shooting at Los Angeles synagogue injures two men

Police investigating incident as hate crime


Los Angeles synagogues are on high alert after a shooting this morning at a North Hollywood temple sent two men to hospital with gunshot wounds. The shooting occurred at 6:20 a.m. at the Adat Yeshurun Valley Sephardic synagogue just as the two men where about to enter for morning prayers and is being investigated as a hate crime. According to the Los Angeles Times, sources say the gunman pulled out the weapon, which jammed at first, and fired. Police have detained one man and increased patrols around Jewish institutions, though they are still trying to determine whether the gunman acted alone. The victims were taken to hospital in stable condition.

Los Angeles Times

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Shooting at Los Angeles synagogue injures two men

  1. The political left is obsessed with anti-Americanism, anti-corporate culture and by extension anti-Israel. In Norway, the labor government actually funds comedy acts, which poke fun at Jews. In jolly old England, the lefty rag Guardian, a favorite read of teachers and labor, recently posted the names of Nobel Peace Prize winners-they intentionally left off the names of all Israeli’s who won the prize. And in Canada Sid Ryan, a lefty’s lefty, wants Canada to boycott Israeli professors, All of this stuff has an affect on the psyche of hate filled individuals who make absurd generalizations and act out. In other words. they are contributing to anti-Semitism. Perhaps the left can explain itself.

    • I suppose the Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians is full of anti Semites too, right? After all, everybody knows that being critical of Israeli policies=Antisemitism.

  2. A quick perusal of the German blogosphere throws up countless repetitions of the phrase "kauft nicht beim Juden!" — "don't buy from the Jew!" — a slogan from the Nazi era. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to see how easily it is to rekindle the hatred which has wrongly harmed jewish citizens for well over 2 000 years.

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