Should poli-sci be mandatory for high school students?

N.S. Tories to debate instituting required course


In an effort to get more people to the polls, Nova Scotia Tories are set to consider making it mandatory for high-school students to take a political science course before graduation. The resolution, which was forwarded by The Nova Scotia Young Progressive Conservatives, will be on the agenda at the provincial party’s upcoming annual general meeting in Halifax. The aim, says association president Jessica Alexander, is to allow voters to make decisions based on criteria outside of a politician’s “hairstyle or handshake.”

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Should poli-sci be mandatory for high school students?

  1. Young people are not stupid. We know we are supposed to vote without another sleeper mandatory course. If federal parties want young people to vote then please give us a candidate we could actually dream of choosing! The USA has just outlined that the surefire way to get young people to vote is to get a candidate they like. In the meantime please refrain from mandatory courses that fill up option slots that kids need for maths, sciences, and options that are prerequisites for univerisity!

    • Even when you don’t vote, you’re choosing a candidate.. to be specific, you’re choosing the one that your parents want in. Haven’t they done a bang up job of picking the guys so far?

      Get out and vote.

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