Should Supreme Court judges all be bilingual? -

Should Supreme Court judges all be bilingual?

The battle over language in the top court heats up


The battle over NDP MP Yvon Godin’s private member’s bill to require Supreme Court of Canada judges to be bilingual is heating up as the Senate prepares to vote on it. The legislation passed in the House last month by a narrow margin, opposed by the Toires but supported by all three opposition parties. Former Supreme Court justice John Major leading the charge against the proposed law, arguing the most competent judges should be appointed even if they speak only one official language. “The chances are,” Major said of candidates from the West, “the most competent judge will have spent a
lifetime in English.” But retired Supreme Court justice Claire L’Heureux-Dubé supports the bill, as do Quebec Premier Jean Charest and Official Languages Commissioner Graham Fraser.

Ottawa Citizen

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Should Supreme Court judges all be bilingual?

  1. NO. Enough is enough. Why should a small portion of the population have special attention. French is OK for Quebec but the rest of Canada is predominately English and thats the way it is.

  2. You have to be kidding right?
    The laws for bilingualism were never meant for this. They were meant to ensure people COULD receive services in either of the two official languages. They were never meant to mandate EVERY job in Canada to be bilingual.
    I want the best person for job regardless of whether they speak English or French. We have translators if required.
    I love Canada and am proud to call myself Canadian but sheesh people………how long are we going to let one province dictate the laws and rights to the rest of Canada? This is ludicrious and the only reason the parties are supporting it for votes and to appease the French. I am tired of this!
    Stand up. Have a back bone and say NO. The judges who are the BEST will be appointed. We have an entire civil service full of bilingual people who FAILED the testing but because they are bilingual the get the job! NOT BECAUSE THEY WERE QUALIFIED BUT BECAUSE THEY SPOKE FRENCH!! Isn't anyone else IRATE about this??

    I AM!

  3. bilingualism is crap but it will only be phased out as the west and ontario keep growing and quebec stays the same ..adding 32 new seats outside of quebec as they just recently announced will help .. quebec is on it's way to be less than 20% of the population and as it falls below that bilingualism looks more and more absurd …the usa would never think of making their country french and english just because of louisiana

  4. You said it sdj356. Bravo and thank you!
    Quebec has kept this country on it's knees long enough.

  5. There is no reason the representation could not be a reflection of the actual population, but never NEVER should some ancillary favorable qualification, like language, ethnicity, gender or political persuasion take precedence over the job's primary qualifications.
    These supreme court judges should be the best legal minds that are available in the country regardless of language, ethnicity, gender or political beliefs. In no way, at no time, should some ancillary qualification dictate a choice that provides less than the best person available for the position.
    Anything less is contrary to the best interests of the public.

  6. Charest supports this ,what a surprise.Another liberal who will do ANYTHING for the French vote,including screwing the English.The really strange thing is most of the English still vote for for them.If Iggy gets behind the wheel it will be more of the same.
    If the Harper govt opposed this they've got my vote even if it's the only thing I agree with them on.