Shredded police documents found in Macy's Thanksgiving parade confetti -

Shredded police documents found in Macy’s Thanksgiving parade confetti


Some of the confetti that rained down on New Yorkers during the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade contained poorly shredded confidential police documents.

As first reported by news station PIX 11, a college freshman who was attending the parade picked up some shredded paper that had been tossed at him and he was amazed to find readable text, including social security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, incident reports and even information that could have identified undercover police officers.

The Nassau County Police Department logo was also partially visible on one of the pieces of shredded paper. That department “vowed a thorough investigation,” reported the New York Post.

For it’s part, Macy’s said it only used circular, muti-coloured confetti and the shredded police documents must have come from another source.

So, how did the confidential material get tossed on parade watchers?

“That would have to come from our headquarters,” a law-enforcement source told the New York Post. “They have stuff that’s supposed to be shredded and go to burn piles. It sounds like some of it ended up where it wasn’t supposed to be.”

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