Hit to the head: a similar one to Sidney Crosby’s (reconstruction)

Scientists at the University of Ottawa replicate the speed, angle and location of impact


This video displays a reconstruction of a hit similar to the one Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby experienced during a game on Jan. 1 from David Steckel of the Washington Capitals, as conducted at the Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory, University of Ottawa.

Scientists led by Blaine Hoshizaki replicated the speed, angle and location of the impact to understand the relationship between head trauma, helmet performance and concussions.

Source for black/white footage: Neurotrauma Impact Science Laboratory, University of Ottawa.
Source for colour footage: Cathy Gulli, Maclean’s

Read about Sidney Crosby’s concussion in Hits to the head: Scientists explain Sidney Crosby’s concussion’, in the February 28 issue of Maclean’s

Reporter Cathy Gulli explains the seriousness of concussions in sports (VIDEO)
The damage done by concussions


Hit to the head: a similar one to Sidney Crosby’s (reconstruction)

  1. ouch

  2. The guy that did the hit, should have to sit out as well until Crosby is back.
    Those are just cheap shots, aimed at ruining someone's career. Perhaps there is a lot of jealousy or just plain stupidity. Where is this going to end. What if Crosby's career is over, it just may be…

  3. Someone should get that guy….plain jealousy….nobody can play as well as Sid!

  4. It has nothing to do with jealousy, its a friggin hockey game, the problem is Bettman and his stupid rules. The players have to be more aware, but its some of the rules. The holdup your opponent along the boards should be aloud, as long as they can somewhat move, to keep puck in-play. The obstruction rule HAS to be thrown out, players have been getting way more hurt since that rule came about. OH, ALSO if Sid was so great the dumb bastard won't put himself in a vulnerable position along the boards, and he himself has hurt others, a player from Florida was out 4 weeks cause of Sid's hit from behind, and if no one remembers Sids hit and high-stick that cut the Detroits player in the cup final 2 yrs ago, when Crosby scored to break the tie, instead of him being in the penalty box for 4 mins. Then ya have to open your eyes. Sometimes pro athletes are gonna get hurt, its a tough game, but they have to work-on finding a way to decrease concussions thats forsure. Gretzy was great because he kept his head up, and he was faster then Sid. Sorry truth hurts.

    • I think I just read part of the problem.

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