Silver medal leaves Russians reeling -

Silver medal leaves Russians reeling

Putin offers condolences to Yevgeny Plushenko


Vladimir Putin is not pleased with the Olympic judges who awarded Russian figure skater Yevgeny Plushenko a silver medal, instead of a gold, after Thursday night’s free skate. On Friday, Putin sent Plushenko a telegram offering his support to the Russian skater. “Accept my heartfelt congratulations,” Putin wrote, adding that Plushenko’s silver medal was “worth a gold medal.” Meanwhile, Plushenko is also miffed at what he believes was his unfair treatment at hands of judges. After the medal ceremony, he threatened to quit professional figure skating for good: “I am not prepared to skate well and lose. This is men’s figure skating—not ice dancing.” The men’s gold was nabbed by American skater Evan Lysacekv who, unlike Plushenko, did not include a quad jump in his long performance.

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Silver medal leaves Russians reeling

  1. If he really wanted to win or lose based solely on his performance, he might have considered a sport other than figure skating.

  2. He was excellent in the short program, but only great in the long one. I realize there's contention/controversy about figure-skating judging, but he should still attempt to take it a bit more sportsman-like. He comes off a bit too arrogant overall. Perhaps I say this because I'm a humble Canadian:)

  3. apolgize for not having the judges on thier payroll is more to the point , more whining

  4. "This is a gross mistake by the judges," Plushenko's wife, Yana Rudkovskaya, told the Russia-24 television network. "We need to defend our sportsmen and protect their honour."

    Look out Georgia, I smell another invasion.

  5. I really think Plushenko deserves the gold. His performance was amazing and more difficult than Evan.