Silvio Berlusconi loses tax fraud conviction appeal, sentenced to 4 years in jail

Former Italian PM has one more chance in higher court


Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

An appeal court has upheld former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s tax fraud conviction, which carries a sentence of four years in jail, reports The Associated press.

Berlusconi still has another chance to avoid jail time, however. He could appeal to a higher court, the Court of Cassation.

Just days earlier, Berlusconi had tried to get his fraud conviction appeal moved out the Milan court where it was scheduled, saying that he would not get a fair trial in the city. Judges refused his request.

Earlier this year, Berlusconi was found guilty in an unrelated wiretapping trial, which concerned his family’s media business. He was sentenced to once year in jail, which is time he likely won’t serve. Italian courts allow him to remain out of prison during the appeal process and there is a stipulation that says any citizen over the age of 75 who is sentenced to two years or less in jail doesn’t have to serve their time. Berlusconi is 76.

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