Singapore’s new Sex Holiday


Singapore wants more babies to counter declining birth rates, so it has decided to advertise a night of nationalist libido.

This is as creepy as it sounds. August 9th is a public holiday in Singapore, but this year a campaign, sponsored by a breath mint company, encourages citizens to use their time off to “make a lil’ human that looks like you and me,” according to the jingle accompanying the video.

Singapore’s population has been declining steadily, with about 44 per cent of men and 31 per cent of women between the ages of 30 and 34 still single.

The video’s lyrics leave little to the imagination:

— “Why you eating a mint, baby?” a woman asks.

— “So I can kiss you on the face,” a man says.


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Singapore’s new Sex Holiday

  1. I’m a Singaporean and I beg to differ on this one. As dumb as it is, even the URL to this shitty news is spelt wrongly. It’s SiNG and not SiGNapore. Second, it’s not the government ideas to create this ad but Mentos advertising agency. Singapore government has nothing to do with the ad. Get your facts right before calling yourself a journalist or a reporter.

  2. LOL. This website is from which country? The reporter even got the facts all wrong. The video seems cool although it is the first time I had seen it. So much for a “Government Campign”.

  3. Too funny. Good work Mentos. I think you may have just wasted some money, but you made this prairie boy laugh.

  4. You have got to be kidding?! On behalf of women and children everywhere on Earth, go bury yourself Mentos.

  5. This is really stupid. It would make me boycott Mentos forever. With the world population out of control, where is their sense of responsibility? Thank goodness it turns out not to be sponsored by the Singapore government.

  6. this is the kind of news you get from Maclean’s for $1 an issue. (and a bonus gift)

  7. Hahahahaha! Good on yer, Mentos! Your suggestion won’t work, but still, hilarious!

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