Sinkhole swallows two cars in parking lot near Montreal airport -

Sinkhole swallows two cars in parking lot near Montreal airport


MONTREAL – Two cars fell into a sinkhole that opened up Friday in a parking lot near Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

The cars didn’t completely disappear — the nose of one of the cars slipped into the hole while the side of the other car was partially submerged.

A spokesman for Montreal’s airport authority says the hole is just under a metre deep and covers an area of about five metres long and three metres wide.

Francois Asselin says it’s located in an outdoor employee parking lot and stressed it won’t disrupt business at the airport.

No one has been injured and the cars were pulled out by mid-afternoon.

Police and firefighters have cordoned off the area in case the hole widens.

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Sinkhole swallows two cars in parking lot near Montreal airport

  1. Separatist Government = bottom falling out of the province.

    • Does this apply to Repub Florida where sinkholes open all the time?

      You two are hilarious. It’s geological, not political.

      • And you, my friend, are obviously a linear thinking simpleton obviously unable to see what lies under the surface.

  2. “Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport”

    • It was intended to replace the existing Dorval Airport as the eastern air gateway to Canada;
      from 1975 to 1997, all international flights to/from Montreal were
      required to use Mirabel. However, Mirabel’s distant location and lack of
      transport links made it unpopular with airlines and travellers.
      Moreover, Montréal’s economic decline relative to Toronto
      kept passenger volumes from rising to the levels originally
      anticipated. And so Dorval Airport not only remained viable but resumed
      handling overseas flights. Eventually, Mirabel was relegated to the role
      of a cargo airport. Initially a source of pride, the airport became an
      embarrassment, widely regarded in Canada as being a boondoggle and a white elephant. Ironically, the Dorval Airport was renamed Montréal–Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport after the Canadian Prime Minister, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, whose government spearheaded the Mirabel project to replace Dorval.

      • Which has nothing to do with it

  3. Why did the cars fall in the first place? Weren’t there enough cautions or signs placed? They should’ve at least put up a blockade or something to prevent the cars from going directly in the hole. –