Sistine Seagull proved something of a media hog

Stay tuned for the meme — even as the world moves on


Sistine Seagull enjoys bird’s-eye view of history in the making

While waiting on the conclave, the world watches … a bird atop the chimney of the Sistine Chapel:

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This is the official AP photo the Vatican seagull http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/files/photos/9/936a49f1-6622-491b-a118-3268e4860c93.html?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT http://pic.twitter.com/W4ScsRacylMike Hayes
WAIT, DOES THIS MEAN WE HAVE A BIRD POPE?! #BirdPope @michaelroston: THERE’S A SEAGULL ON THE CHIMNEY AT THE VATICAN http://pic.twitter.com/kc0CPjCzmqJack Moore
Best @Twitter handle for the Vatican Seagull @SistineSeagull or @ConclaveSeagull ? And don’t forget @ConclaveChimney http://pic.twitter.com/C2StHa7Uc1Storyful
Cue the seagull humour: 
20 yr career in entertainment, and this Seagull sitting on top of the Chimney in Vatican City is more famous than I. http://pic.twitter.com/c3EhKcQTz6Hypnotist MarcSavard
A seagull on the Sistine Chapel chimney is cool. You know what would be cooler? A DRAGON.pourmecoffee
Total attention whore #seagull http://pic.twitter.com/r33Ebd68oiRo
Some believe this to be a relative of Jonathan Livingston Seagull who did not emigrate to America and stayed in Italy http://pic.twitter.com/VwzctjDByxJay
… and the seagull Twitter accounts: 
Cool :-) @PapalSeagull http://pic.twitter.com/nx6xl87g3CTim
The Sistine Seagull has a Twitter handle! @SistineSeagull @WWLTV http://pic.twitter.com/nzezv7i0WHTriston V. Sanders
I’m just here for the pomp, the circumstance, and delicious delicious Cheetos. #conclave #newpopeSistineSeagull
And this … 
I swear if it poops on me…. #chimneyasplode http://pic.twitter.com/YEGsv2ZcPOConclave Chimney
Stay tuned.
internet you disappoint .. not a single meme of the seagull sitting on the papal chimney http://pic.twitter.com/zuZUpig4mYJanis

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Sistine Seagull proved something of a media hog

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