Six in 10 say Tamil boat should have been "escorted back to Sri Lanka" -

Six in 10 say Tamil boat should have been “escorted back to Sri Lanka”

Poll says only 17 per cent agree that Tamils are political refugees


Six in 10 Canadians say the recent boat of Tamil migrants should have been “escorted back to Sri Lanka by the Canadian Navy,” according to a poll by QMI Agency, taken from August 2-4. Only 17 per cent agreed they should be “accepted into Canada as political refugees.” However, 24 per cent were unsure or did not want to answer the question. Albertans were, by far, the most likely to agree that the boat should be sent back, at 74 per cent. The Canadian Tamil Congress said it believes the poll results reflect general feelings toward the immigration system, rather than opposition to the Tamils themselves. “People may be reacting to certain words such as queue-jumpers and human smugglers,” spokesperson Manjula Selvarajah told Sun Media. “If people understood the immigration and refugee system and the process in place, they may have a bit more faith in the system.” Initial hearings for the 490 migrants on board the MV Sun Sea have mostly wrapped up and the migrants are being housed in BC jails until their refugee hearings take place.


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Six in 10 say Tamil boat should have been “escorted back to Sri Lanka”

  1. Of course each of them took a flight from Colombo to Tailand and board the ship in Tailand.

    • Tamils in Sri Lanka are having more status than our Sinhalese. This is the truth. in capital Colombo majority is Tamil. this might give you some idea. don't be mad to listen these bad liers. they are using you. someday they will be problem for you for sure. you will see that.

      • Ok you Sinhalese how many of you on the Sri Lankan government's bogus propaganda team?

      • I agree. The first batch of military trained ex-LTTE cadres who arrived in Vancouver are now in Scarborough, quite possibly recruited by Tamil gangs to extort money, credit card scams, human smuggling and drug trafficking. Lets welcome more of them!

    • Then prove it don't just come and lie here.

  2. Compassion is the key word that we all want to emphasize to our fellow Canadians and the government in dealing with current unfortunate situation. Asking our fellow Canadians to show compassion and understanding is not a crime but part of Country's legacy. We as part of the civilized and humane world, which has a collective responsibility to help these helpless, hapless, long victimized, most vulnerable and weakened humans. Showing them acceptance would remind the Sri Lankan regime that they cannot continue to violate international norms and treaties, so that the Tamils need not flee their land in fear but can continue to live in peace, freedom and dignity like any other population. For that to happen, Sri Lanka's war criminals must be brought to books and be served justice.

    • Don't wave that fatuous comment around, using compassion and anti racist comment to make Canadians feel guilty for being abused by human smugglers and their supporters. Shame on you!

      • DO get over yourself. He's right, their rhetoric might be borrowed from the mothers of all fascists, the Sinhalese, but it's time to EVOLVE.
        Do not vilify refugees. It's disgusting and unnecessary, and clearly ineffective.

        • It is even more disgusting to abuse Canada's compassion and use it to make Canadians feel guilty when they are obviously being manipulated and abused.

        • You do not know if they are refugees. I do not know if they are refugees. The government does not know if they are refugees. The reason? They jumped the queue and now B.C. taxpayers are footing the bill for the costs associated with jailing, hospitalizing, and trying them in criminal and immigration board courts in order to know if their claims are truthful. This is a bad way to conduct business, and immigration is first and foremost about business. Besides, we all know now that the costs associated with boarding this ship in and of itself suggests not a lack of wealth, but an abundance of it. I know I couldn't come up with 40 grand (legally) and I question the "refugee" status of a group that can.

        • tell them that!!! they should evolve in to normal humans that can look after themselves. and that includes not running around getting their asses kicked for trying to take from others that which is not theirs to take. No one os vilifying refugees; just people who lies and cheat to gain privileges that decent lay-abiding folks struggle and pay for through their sweat and tears. Compassion is for those who deserve it, not those who demand it!! You got the whole concept of EVOLUTION wrong!!

    • You want us to show Compassion…Jason. Headlines on CN News "Refugees go Home For Holidays" Brian Lilley, Parliamentary Bueau.
      "To become a refugee, a claimant must prove they are in danger of torture, there is a risk to their life or meet other criteria showing they will face persecution in their home country. Yet this did not stop over 70% of successful Tamil refugee claimants surveyed from returning to Sri Lanka for vacations, business or to sponsor family members."

      Do you think "all" Canadians are stupid. To hell with your compassion…..send them all home. They all lie and we do not want them in our Country sucking up our benefits.

      • Cudos to you Ann,you hit it right on the nail of this whole problem.These people are on "vacation" in Thailand,awaiting to board a ship to Canada,so they can claim "refugee" status.Then they apply for a "visitors" visa back.Wake up Canada.Your being used.But then that's what we are good at.Makes me ill.

  3. Please tell me these commentators are really just Sinhala spewing propagandists and that Canadian whites aren't this thick and ignorant. Anyone?

    • If you read the poll you would know that 64% of Canadians (many of whom are white, though I don't see what that has to do with it) broadly agree with the position of the Sri Lankan government. This is a position they hold despite the concerted efforts of some in the Tamil diaspora to keep the insurgency alive.

      I for one am a "Canadian white", who is quite happy to see the Tamil Tigers crushed. A conflict that killed over 100,000 people is over. Normal life is returning to Sri Lanka once again (8.5% economic growth in 2010!). The destruction of the LTTE, in spite of the unfortunate collateral damage, was the ultimate humanitarian move.

      I view the war in Sri Lanka as a similar one to that in Palestine, and to our own separatist pressures here in Canada. In each a liberal democratic government (and while Sri Lanka is not a perfect democracy, many of its difficulties stem from the security threat posed by an ongoing insurgency) faces separatist pressures from those who want political power, largely to violate the liberties of minorities within their own borders. "Progressive" marchers whose hearts bleed for Palestine are cheerleaders for a state that executes homosexuals and oppresses women. Tamil Eelam was a de facto state
      run by the military. Similarly Quebec secession has everything to do with dominating English, native and allophone minorities within Quebec.

      Just because one side is the "underdog" does not make them morally superior. Indeed, it often makes them much, much worse.


        • Wil…You are not really serious about hosertohoosier being a Sinhalese are you? Holy Doodle,, thats just…well…plain silly……..

          • No he got me actually. I have posted here for years in order to build up my cover. I posted about obscure issues like Toronto municipal politics or prorogation, to make it seem I was just an ordinary Canadian political junkie. Then, about a year after Sri Lanka had crushed the LTTE, I sprung into action to justify the act post facto. After that, the next time I see a Queen of Diamonds I will assassinate the president of Canada.

          • Do you mean for over a year now I have been involved in debates with a Sinhalese Spy ? Do you realize how many people you have duped? Possibly hundreds !! I feel so used… so violated, Who can I trust on here now ? I am so shattered that I feel that I must post with my caps lock on……what to do, what to do????

        • Wil is a whack-a-do nutbar who could not stand to leave the conflicts of his 'homeland' outside of his luggage when he tore off to Canada. He reminds me of those idiots you see who like to chirp at you from a distance, but take off running when you turn in their direction.

          • Never heard the term ''Whack-a-do nutbar'' before, but it's a perfect fit in this scenario…………

    • Canadian whites? The Canadian population will be majority "minority" in 20 short years. What are you TALKING about? A good chunk of the population is composed of immigrants, as well as "whites," and many immigrants are incensed at the way these Tamils went about infiltrating the country when they themselves had to work and slave and wait years before being granted permanent residence.

      Think before you speak.

  4. Not only that, some businesses are promoting immigration to avoid paying Canadians standard salary and labor costs, instead, they pay a lot less hiring those who are happy to come here at any costs.

  5. Though I understand the Government of Canada need to help and welcome these persecuted people by giving them a due process, it also need to send a very strong message for the potential wrong doers who might be waiting in the winks to take advantage of the Tamils' situation for their own benefit which Canada must take stern action. It is my firm believe that the Government of Canada's action would be practical, balanced and delicate way to deal with the fear mongering that has sensationalized this humanitarian catastrophe out of proportion. This current scenario should not be in anyway be hindrance to any one who would flee from persecution and murderous regimes, who have no regards to civilized norms.

  6. Tamils dont seem to know that :
    "you can fool some of the people, some of the time"
    "not all of the people all the time"

  7. Wonder why these people did not seek refuge in Tamil Nadu, the real homeland of the Tamil. It is in swimming distance. As a matter of fact 50 years ago Tamils (Kaallathoni) swam accross to Sri Lanka for better economic prospects. With $50,000 in pocket, each one of them would have done very well!

    • The Indian government do not offer rights and freedom to immigrates. They are treated with disrespect, cruelty and are often in danger! Check the USCRI website; India is one among the worst top 10 places for immigrates!

  8. hang on canada…sooner those shame less tamils will star riots against you,,suicide bombers will rock beautiful Canadian cities…they are very good at biting the very same hand that used to fed them…just like they did to sri lanka,,,its ur turn now!!

    • Violence and criminality is in their DNA.. No matter where they go or live, they can't assimilate due to their Tamil tribal mentality. That's why they are asking for a Tamil state, so that they can live in isolation while milking the welfare systems in the west. Tamils do not have a sense of loyalty to any country. Canada will soon learn the mistake it made by admitting these Tamil cancer….

  9. In the U.S., even more than 6 in 10 citizens think that the Ground Zero mosque should move from its proposed location. But, as in Canada, political correctness will more than likely rule the day and ensure that the sober opinion of the majority will be overruled by the vocal minority. Such is the society that North America has become: Terrified to stand up to the destructive nonsense of the leftists, for fear of people calling them names.

  10. there is no moral reason why these immigrant criminals should be accepted into this country what are we idiots or maybe we have a sign over our foreheads saying…' please abuse me i'm canadian '

    • Well-said…!

  11. A top LTTE operative, deeply involved in the LTTE arms smuggling operations throughout the war, is believed to have taken MV ‘Sun Sea' from Thailand to Canada. The voyage took three months while several navies in the region watched allowing the 59-metre vessel, modified for the purpose, make its way to Canadian waters.

    Military sources identified the LTTEer as Vinod, widely considered to be among an elite group of cadres responsible for perhaps one of the biggest clandestine arms smuggling operations in the past few decades.

    Sources say Vinod and two of his colleagues, identified as Kamal and Gaya, played a pivotal role in the arms smuggling operation, which facilitated transfer of weapons of Chinese origin and other armaments to north-east Sri Lanka.

    The infamous North Korean route remained a key mode of clandestine movement before the Sri Lanka navy took the war to the high seas during Eelam War IV.

  12. While Gaya is believed to have been killed in a confrontation with the navy on the high seas, Kamal is now in Canada.

    Sources say Kamal, one of the most experienced LTTE operatives involved with arms smuggling operations took MV Ocean Lady from Mundra (an Indian port) to Canada last October. MV Ocean Lady carried 76 persons.

    Canada declined to give Sri Lanka access to any of the 76 passengers.

  13. ‘Harin Panich 19', now renamed the MV ‘Sun Sea' carried 492 Sri Lankan Tamils to Canada. Sources say Canada is yet to share information regarding the illegal immigrants with Sri Lankan intelligence services, though there is irrefutable evidence of LTTE involvement in the operation.

    Although ordinary LTTE fighting cadres are unlikely to be among the passengers of MV Sun Sea, there can be some key LTTE intelligence operatives, including some of those who escaped from military detention after the end of war in May last year.

  14. Responding to a query by The Island, an authoritative official said that the vast majority of passengers could be those who had supported the LTTE over the years. ‘They're not ordinary fighting cadres, but the elite, who spearheaded operations in South East Asia," he said.

    According to him, they had acquired ‘Harin Panich 19' immediately after the extradition of Kumaran Pathmanathan aka ‘KP' from Malaysia to Sri Lanka in the first week of August 2009 and the handing over of Rajan, another key LTTE operative to Sri Lankan intelligence services. Fearing the Sri Lankan government would go after key operatives and their families living in Malaysia, Thailand and the neighbouring countries, the LTTE rump had launched MV ‘Sun Sea'. The bottom line is that Canada could become the major operations base for the LTTE rump in the wake of Sri Lanka's success in curbing LTTE activity in South East Asia.

    Foreign Ministry sources told The Island that Canada had become their automatic choice due to Australia in April imposing a moratorium on processing asylum claims from Sri Lanka citing much improved security conditions in the wake of conclusion of the war in May last year.

  15. Military sources said that the LTTE always favoured Canada due to what it perceived as soft Canadian approach towards illegal immigrants. Apprehension of LTTE owned MV Princess Krishanthalast December by the navy confirmed an abortive plan to rescue top LTTE leadership before the army overran Puthumathalan in May. The LTTE went to the extent of organizing a bogus relief ship to divert navy's attention to facilitate the rescue operation, sources said.

    Sources identified the main man allegedly involved in organizing the latest Canadian adventure as the only one to receive a Gold medal from LTTE leader Prabhakaran for carrying out clandestine transfer of armaments from big ships to Sri Lanka waters in the face of the navy. Based in Canada (name withheld), the operative is a Master Mariner, who runs a shipping training school. He is assisted by a UK based operative (name withheld) and Nidiyawan, widely believed to be the most influential LTTE operative in the wake of KP abandoning the eelam cause.

  16. Sources said that the passengers carried by MV ‘Sun Sea' could not be likened to any other lot as the LTTE had never tried a similar stunt before. "Of course they had no other option but to shift base from South East Asia to the safety of Canada, where a section of the politicians and officials were close to the Tamil Diaspora," sources said.

    Sources pointed out that the Tamil Diaspora had got the London headquartered Amnesty International to issue a statement in support of their Canadian adventure. Sources recalled how a visit by senior Amnesty International representatives to Kilinochchi during the CFA was used to build the Tigers' image.

  17. On Aug. 9, 2010 The Washington Post published a letter from James McDonald of Amnesty International suggesting that a shipload of Sri Lankans should be given asylum because they faced persecution if they returned to Sri Lanka.
    Sri Lankan officials said that this was part of the LTTE propaganda. The Canadians could accept the entire shipload if they really wanted to accommodate them and encourage asylum seekers, they said. It was Canada's choice, sources said, emphasizing Canada could accommodate as many illegal immigrants not only from Sri Lanka but other countries, too, as it pleased. In the wake of Australia tightening its immigration laws, any country giving into MV Sun Sea could attract smugglers, they said

  18. Move to shift LTTE base to Canada prompted by KP's arrest

  19. Why does Canada have to take garbage criminals from Srilanka. It's like we are cleaning streets of Srilanka and throwing it all over us. Why do we have to accept criminals and terrorists of some other country and make our streets dangerous when there are so many educated law abiding people wait in line to get here.

  20. They did not come from Sri Lanka, they boaded the ship in Thailand. This shows that these bogus refugees had money to leave SL as tourists and paid $40K to come to Canada. The real refugees don't have money to pay the LTTE smugglers, and they don't have money to fly to Bankok to catch the next LTTE boat to Canada..

  21. Canada needs Tamil refugees to clean Toilets in Toronto….


  23. I do not think these results have ANYTHING to do with the words queue jumpers or human smugglers, I think we are pi$$ed at being taken advantage of. We are not happy having to support and care for their illegal arrival. Some of these people would not pass our immigration laws and should not even qualify as refugees, they are here to take advantage of our country, plain and simple. It really bothers me that the media is making it seem that Toew's remarks are swaying our opinions, we are not as gullable as you would try to make us. We see what is happening and we can form our own opinion based on the previous 76 "refugees" and now this boatload.

  24. Canada, you have got hold of the tiger by its tale – either way it will turn around and bite you. Just remember one does not have to be stupid to be a compassionate person!

  25. Yeah, sure, call them racist! Is that all you can say?
    Let me guess, u r NDP or Liberal, right?

    No more welfare-milking scum should be let in Canada!
    We r fedup with hords of lazy fellows who take advantage of Canadian retarded immigration system!

  26. Six in ten are justified. I think that Canada has a responsibility to protect its citizens and investigate the situation with precision so as not to let the wrong people in just because they are oppressed. Here is an audio interview with Marvin J. Huberman LL.B., LL.M., Barrister, Mediator, Arbitrator. who offers valuable insights on this news story. May be of interest.

  27. I would rather see my tax dollars going to assisting our homeless, creating jobs where jobs have been lost due to large company layoffs, adding more funding to our heallth care, and better education for the future generations of Canada, than to 490 migrants who will now suck $50Million from our tax coffers.

  28. Send them back! But that is not far enough. Investigate every Tamil who entered Canada under the "refugee" claim and if they have gone back to Sri Lanka for any reason strip them of Canadian Citizenship (yes even the ones born here), and deport the whole bunch. Yes whole families if neccessary, If these tamils claimed refugee then by the very definition of the refugge clause in both our charter and the U.N. if they go back to the country they claimed asylum from then thier rfugee claim is false therefore thier citizenship was obtained under false pretenses.

  29. People need to stop throwing that Racist word out the facts are yeah I believe they should stay, yet how many illegal immigrants "refugees" should be allowed into Canada while hard working people who try and enter the courty legally have to wait years to be acepted.
    Prejudice is the child of ignorance , I believe this

    Yourself and alot of others should be told this if someone disagrees with you calling them a racist by habit just shows your ignorance.
    22 million dollars was spent in legal fees to accept these refugees that comes from hard working Canadians taxes

  30. I would like ou to think I am being racist, but I am very sorry to disappoint you. I am Tamil; born in Chennai. My Mother is Tamil and my Father is Kannad. I still think you nuts should have stayed where you were. I am ashamed to be one of you. You caused trouble there and you will cause trouble here. You are causeing trouble in India too. If you can do that to your country of origin, I shudder to think what you would do here!! But that is what you do. I would rather show compassion to a snake or a scorpion because they are honest to themselves and I am clear about their nature and they don't try to hide it. You on the other hand are deceitful and liars.

  31. I don't believe that racism or ignorance is the reason why 60% of the canadians who took the survey, wants these tamil immigrants to be sent home. I believe the reason basically has to do with money. Where do you think the government is going to get the money to house these tamil immigrants if they were granted refugee status? they'd need to be given housing, allowance, medical care, which will be provided for by our government with our tax dollars. Do you think our economy will be able to afford this? Don't you want your tax money that you worked hard to pay, to be used on you and your family and to improve our healthcare system and educational systems? do you think its fair that these people will be living on our tax money without having worked for a single cent?

    Can't you just sit back, and THINK for just a minute what implications this would have on our economy and government, if we were to let these people stay. Do you think it'll set a good example for our to other countries if we to just let anyone who claims to be a refugee into our country? What if these people were sent here by smugglers? don't you think that they'd do this again and again and again? think on these issues first, before you start labelling anyone to be racists.