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“His face makes him special”

Britain captivated by six-year-old girl’s quest to save disfigured foal


Six-year-old Maddison Biddlecombe’s fundraising drive to save her pony, Diego, has captured the hearts and minds of a horse-loving nation. Diego was born on May 12 in Poole, Dorset, with Wry Nose Syndrome, a condition in which a horse’s upper and lower jaw grows to one side, making it difficult to graze. Maddison’s mother, Janey Biddlecombe, was advised to put the foal to sleep. But she refused: “Maybe it’s an easy way out but not for me. I don’t agree with putting him to sleep just because he looks different.” Now her daughter is working to raise the £4,000 necessary for Diego’s dental surgery. “Diego is my best friend and I don’t care what he looks like, to me his face makes him special,” the little girl told the Daily Mail, adding “People shouldn’t say he should be put down because of what he looks like, it doesn’t matter to me.” Despite initial difficulties, Diego has learned to suckle well from his mother and is happy, healthy and growing well. “Maddison adores Diego and has formed a great bond with him,” her mother told the paper. “They have even been found cuddled up together asleep in the field in the sun. He certainly knows he’s loved.”

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“His face makes him special”

  1. I understand the love between a child and a pet. And I'm all for the "it doesn't matter what the pony looks like because it just makes it more lovable"…but if all this is true…then why are they raising 4000 dollars to have the animals "uniqueness" corrected?

    • just a guess chris, but it says that while "Diego has learned to suckle" the condition makes "it difficult to graze"…could be that the next stage of life is not possible without corrective surgery.

    • Because this condition makes it very difficult for the animal to eat properly, and if left uncorrected can also cause major breathing problems as the horse ages (which is painful and severely impacts the quality of life). As surgery does not have a guaranteed outcome most people would choose to euthanize in this situation – not because they are horrible people who hate "ugly" horses but because the prognosis after surgery is not guaranteed, and the surgery is quite expensive (and surgery is very difficult on the horse as well).

    • The pony won't be able to eat correctly when its time for him to stop drinking milk from his mother and eating grass

  2. Great — But where is the link to donate ??

    • exactly! I would like to know where i can donate.

  3. I found out where we could help. Talk to girls mother. It was publisehd her phone in an local paper, called dailyecho.
    If you can help, call Janey on 07817 772070.
    If you doubted it, Google the following "Six-year-old Maddison Biddlecombe loves her 'ugly' horse", it will take you to the article.
    LETS HELP!!!!

  4. I'm from Italy, I would like to donate but – obviously – it's hard for me to call the family.
    Is there someone who could pass them over my e-mail address, if they contact me directly I would be able to know if there is something I can do.
    My e-mail is arumi [at] tiscalinet dot it

    Thanks a lot.