Slap in the face for Karzai

Afghan president has 17 of 24 cabinet nominees rejected


Afghan president Hamid Karzai had 17 of 24 of his cabinet appointees rejected by MPs. After the unrest surrounding Karzi’s fraudulant August election win, the Parliament is looking to force him to be less corrupt. All of the nominees who were deemed too partisan, were denied. “I think, unfortunately,” said MP Fawzia Kufi, “that the criteria were either ethnicity or bribery or money.”


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Slap in the face for Karzai

  1. Finally some good news from Afghanistan. Hats off to the MP's.

  2. How cool would it be if Canadian cabinet appointees had to get approval from a majority of MPs….

  3. Maybe one day our democracy will enable our MPs to be able to take such stands against corruption and the such.

    Er, I mean maybe one day our democratic MPs who have been enabled such powers will use them…

    And Afghanistan will have a sitting parliament before Canada in 2010. I think they would deserve a gold medal for that, if it were not for the fraudulent election.

  4. The Karzai government is a cosmetic democracy put in place to support an American strategic resource war. The discussion of which cabinet ministers are too corrupt or less corrupt is irrelevant. Al Qaeda has long since left Afghanistan in case some have not noticed. Remember we invaded to get Al Qaeda and their leader . Access to Caspien basin fossil fuels is why Canadian soldiers are dying.

  5. Clearly, we have work to do in terms of buidling democratic institutions in Afghanistan. Our mission will only have been successful once Afghan presidents are granted the power to prorogue a Parliament which dares to disagree with them, and use the down tiome to stack an appointed uppser chamber with corrupt loyalists.

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