Slim pickings


We sure don’t talk about Dion and the Liberals a whole lot in this space, do we Marty? Justin Trudeau’s made a couple of appearances of late. (I’m feeling charitable, so I’m counting this one too.) But otherwise, DMA’s been pretty much Grit-free for while now. Chantal Hébert’s column in today’s Star might explain at least part of the reason for that: The Liberals just don’t have any compelling characters running in Quebec.

By Hébert’s count, the Grits have added only two “star”—that is to say, recognizable—candidates to their Quebec roster: former astronaut Marc Garneau and Trudeau, neither of whom appears to be close to Dion, nor do they give the impression of being political heavyweights in the making. (Though I’ll give Garneau the benefit of the doubt.)

Now, I’m no fan of this idea of giving people jobs they don’t belong in. But, given the ways of government, I’ve tried to come up with a couple of decent picks from Quebec for a hypothetical Liberal cabinet. As Hébert points out, although the cupboard isn’t exactly bare, it’s not whetting the appetite either—not to mention the fact most Quebec Liberals haven’t gone out of their way to pledge allegiance to Dion since the end leadership race.

Then again, it might not even matter who’s in an who’s out for the Liberals in Quebec. The competition, for the most part, isn’t exactly stiff. But they’ve sure made it hard to find an interesting one to write about.


Slim pickings

  1. I think the reason there isn’t any talk about the Liberals is they haven’t put their foot in their mouth as much or as far as Stephen Harper and the conservatives.

  2. kontrol, Dion has started a campaign without his jet, fired 2 candidates in Quebec, and had a 3rd call Harper a pig.

    He’s not doing much better. The media just aren’t reporting it as loudly.

  3. What’s the point in running “star” candidates, when the media will spin that person as yet another pretender to the leadership of the LPC?

  4. He isn’t a “star” per se, but William Hogg, running in Compton-Stansted, is a respected political scientist, is the VP of the LPCQ policy wing, authored the Quebec National resolution, and supported Dion for leadership, so if the Liberals win and he wins his seat, he would be a good cabinet pick.

  5. Er, and the Conservatives had lots of “stars” in their last cabinet, did they? Sure, if by “stars” you mean “clowns”. In terms of having MPs with more intellectual depth, the Liberals in opposition vs. the last government would clearly win that competition.

    Besides, the few Conservative “star” MPs in the last Parliament had any public independent thought or show of charisma squelched by a control-freak PM.

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