Small Balls: Tuesday June 24, 2008



La première étoile: Rookie Candace Parker (Anthony’s little sister) became the second woman to dunk in WNBA history in the last minute of the L.A. Sparks’ 77-63 victory over the Indiana Fever on Sunday (see clip above). It was a one-hand, casual kind of dunk. Sweet.

Two minutes for … Being Don Imus. During a segment about why Pacman dropped his nickname, anchor Warner Wolf told Imus that Jones had “been arrested six times since being drafted by Tennessee in 2005.”
“What color is he?” is he, Imus asked.
“He’s African-American,” Wolf replied.
“Well, there you go,” said Imus. “Now we know.”
Imus says he was trying to point out that blacks are treated unfairly in the criminal justice system. Mighta helped if he’d said that.

Who’s got tickets? At Euro2008 Wednesday, tournament favourite Germany play the underdogs from Turkey—who’ve had Lady Luck in their corner throughout this year’s tournament. If they win, Toronto commuters should avoid Bloor Street between Christie and Lansdowne at all costs.

Extra bases: After a 12-month break, Serena Williams makes her tennis comeback at Wimbledon … a lot of people in the tennis world, including the great Bjorn Borg, believe that Rafael Nadal is about to disrupt Rogers Federer’s mastery of Wimbledon … the LA Times is worried about the quality of information in sports blogs. Amen, we say.


Small Balls: Tuesday June 24, 2008

  1. Not only is Imus a bigot, he’s also a liar. Just look at that man’s face, all the ugly inside him is showing right on his face. Imus is ugly inside and out. Now Warner Wolf is no better, he’s trying to act like he had no part in it, when it was his bigotry that instigated the whole affair. It seems that all Pacman was trying to do was to go back and claim something decent in himself, the name his mother gave him, Adam Jones. I think the man is truly trying to change for the better. More power to him. As for Imus’ black staff, they come a dime a dozen, and will say anything he wants to hear as long as he pays them.

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