Smoke this, wash that, puke, repeat

Marijuana abuse is linked to obsessive bathing and vomiting


Potheads take heed: scientists have discovered an increasingly recognized syndrome afflicting marijuana abusers worldwide. Addicts apparently experience severe vomiting and bouts of compulsive bathing. The researchers at Creighton University of Omaha, N.E., were studying the neurobiology of marijuana when they noticed this trend, which has also been observed by Australian scientists. There is no explanation for the syndrome at this point, but they want to spread the word, especially to high school students, who are among the most fervent cannabis smokers. The only way to stop the syndrome, say scientists: quit the bud.


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Smoke this, wash that, puke, repeat

  1. bullshit!!

    • yemen!

  2. That is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever read and I don’t believe it for one miniscule minute! I don’t know ANY toker past or present that has EVER behaved in the fashioned described above! Who paid these looney tunes to come up with such drivel? This is an absolute joke especially when one considers that the medical application of bud actively prevents nausea! What tomfooled corollary will they dream up next?

  3. I thought the problem with potheads was that they didn’t bathe enough…

  4. ROFL : LMAO – What on earth have they been curing it in? Maybe they held the study in Australia where apparently they have this toad and you collect the excretions from the warts and then cure the bud in it – wooosh off to never never land!

  5. At least tobacco smokers or cokeheads generally realize they are doing something stupid. All I ever hear from marijuana users is deny deny deny to any possible negative consequence of smoking pot.

    • There are about as many negative consequences to smoking pot on a regular basis as there are to sitting on a hillside looking at the clouds on a regular basis. Good for the spirit, not so good for writing that paper on Descartes.

      • Unless, of course, your thesis is entitled “Don’t Harsh My Mellow, Decartes Was Groovy, Man!”

        • Far f….ing out man.

          • Bathing and puking seem to go together, but which comes first?

          • I would have replied sooner, but I was in the bath.

  6. A bath takes too long, showering is easier.
    It’s only cause’ the experience of getting clean is enjoyable and is enhanced, like eating.

    Vomitting tho’?? C’mon!

    Unless they were smoking to cure that hangover from drinking too much the night before

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