Smoking pot can ease chronic pain: study -

Smoking pot can ease chronic pain: study

Patients could fall asleep more easily, sleep more soundly, report says


In one of the firs real-world studies to look at the medicinal use of smoked marijuana, researchers found that people with chronic pain who weren’t seeing enough relief from standard medications could be helped by smoking small amounts of marijuana. In addition, patients could fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly, CNN reports. While other studies have looked at extracts of THC, the cannabis plant’s active ingredient, “this is the first time anyone has done a trial of smoked cannabis on an outpatient basis,” lead researcher Mark Ware, the director of clinical research at McGill University’s Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain, said. In the study, 21 adults with nervous-system pain due to surgery, accidents or other trauma—fourteen of whom were on short-term disability or permanently disabled—smoked four different strengths of marijuana over 56 days. All of them had tried the drug before, but none were habitual current users. The highest dose of THC showed the best results, while the two medium-strength doses produced no measurable relief. The effects lasted 90 minutes to two hours.


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Smoking pot can ease chronic pain: study

  1. Marijuana is a hallucinogen and it alters the perception of the user. It has its sedative, mind-altering and euphoric effects. Therefore, since it alters the perception of the user and makes the person euphoric, then the user thinks that the pain is relieved.
    Marijuana is a depressant and is not a stimulant. Stimulants like alcohol, caffeine makes you active and aggressive. Marijuana makes you sleepy and stoned to the point where the user stares blankly into whatever catches his/her attention.

    I heard that cocaine, LSD, and meth will take away all your pain also and will make you happy. The pot thing is really BIG news. Duh!

    • Actually alcohol is a depressant. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug, but it is NOT technically a hallucinogen. AND furthermore, pain in itself is completely mental.. so yes marijuana does alter the perception of the user but not in the sense that it simply makes them forget they are in pain.

    • First off you both are wrong. Marijuana is neither a CNS Stimulant or a CNS Drepressant. Marijuana falls into the Cannabis category of the 7 recognized drug categories. There are certain psychophysical effect that marijuana produces that depressants and stimukants also produce. But there are not enough simularities to call marijuana a depressant or a stimulant.

    • Depressant doesn't mean what you think it means.

      • I think I know where you are going here…A lot of people think that a Depressent makes you depressed….yes???

  2. Marijuana is a stimulant, not a depressant – this is why it raises the heart-rate of the user. Alcohol is a depressant, not a stimulant. Stimulation does not necessarily have a relation to aggression. The term stimulant merely refers to the fact that it elevates the heart rate whereas drinking alcohol slows the heart rate. Please get your facts straight before you make sweeping (and totally incorrect) statements like these.

    But yes, this is not exactly big news. This story should be placed in the "No, Duh" file next to the ones titled "alcohol makes you drunk" and "people live, until they die."

  3. Evidence will not help shape marijuana policy, unfortunately.

    I hope for the continued growth of compassion clubs until the government reverses the arcane marijuana prohibition in place.

    • Very good article. I didnt think I would see that – BUT – thats just it , like most people —- "I didnt think!"
      Everyone needs to think with an open mind. Dont just recite the propaganda you'v been taught !! THINK !!

  4. Just a tiny dose of marijuana got rid of my mother's abdominal pain when she was dying of cancer; she was already on such a toxic cocktail of different medications, and was denying herself even aspirin or ibuprofen because she didn't want more meds.

    The pot stopped her pain within about 5 minutes. Once the abdominal pain was stopped, her constipated bowels relaxed, which provided more relief to her condition.

    Watching her try it for the first time was like witnessing a medical miracle, and I'm so glad she was open-minded enough to try. It would be wonderful if we could move past moral judgement on a plant and figure out how to use it to our benefit.

  5. Well if Marijuana is a hallucinogen, tell me the name of your pusher because he has amazing stuff. I supppose that Guest provides advice to our politicians because they are as inaccurate as him. Makes me feel proud that Canadians are so ignorant that they get what they deserve (Harper government)

    • I have never heard of anyone hallucinating from smoking pot, Years ago I thought I spoke to God, but I think it was the combination of the Mezcal and Twinkies I devoured after we hit the Hookah….

    • But if you smoke a reefer, you'll end up a heroin addict! Look, here's a perfectly reasonable video to prove it.