Sniffling, coughing, complaining men aren’t just being babies

Male immune system evolved to be weaker: study


There’s a reason men always tend to feel (and complain about) the common symptoms of colds and flu more than their female counterparts. According to a recent Cambridge University study, over time, men traded off their immunity for other evolutionary advantages, such as getting and keeping mates. At the same time, women have evolved to build up their immunity, spending the bulk of their time tending to children, who, as any parent will attest, are prone to pick up and pass on illness. The result: the immune systems of men are less well-equipped to stave off sickness than those of women.

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Sniffling, coughing, complaining men aren’t just being babies

  1. That's also why we require the remote, can't put the toilet seat down, and need a healthy dose of beer and football at not infrequent intervals. We've evolved such that we need these things – otherwise our psychological health suffers. Women on the other hand seem to have evolved such that they require a basket of scented soaps in every bathroom.

  2. Request to future commenters: do you think this article would have included the words "(and complain about)" if the genders in this story were reversed.

    Request to Macleans: please treat both genders equally, anti-male sexism is still sexism (and WRONG!!!)

  3. Yes they are.

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