Sniper getting lethal injection today

Man who went on a killing spree in Washington, D.C., is hoping for governor’s intervention


John Allen Mohammed, the man who terrorized Washington, D.C., and its surrounding area by shooting people with a high powered rifle from the trunk of his specially outfitted car, is set to be executed in a Virginia prison today. He was sentenced to death for the murder of Dean Harold Meyers, one of at least ten people shot and killed during the 2002 rampage. Mohammed’s final appeal was rejected Monday, but he still has one hope for clemency—his lawyers say he shouldn’t be executed because he’s mentally ill and are asking governor Tim Kaine to commute his sentence to life in prison.

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Sniper getting lethal injection today

  1. He is just as much a terrorist as Bin Laden, there is no logical reason to commute the execution. The planning and execution
    of these murders shows an evil mind of a man full of rage. There is no doubt he has mental problems, but not to the extent of insanity. His killing spree was well organized and he carried it out with the professionalism of a well trained sniper on a secret mission. His intentions were to kill as many people as possible , not whether it was right or wrong, he knew what he was doing. The courts have given him and his lawyers every opportunity to dispute the charges, but overwhelming evidence
    of his guilt prevailed and now must accept the sentence the court imposed.

  2. If he was a Canadian, the Liberals would be demanding the government intervene to save his sorry skin.

    What misplaced compassion. Firing squad would be more fitting.

  3. I feel it should have been a little more painfrul than just a pin prick

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