Snow day in Toronto: Hold the snark!

IT’S SNOWING IN TORONTO! (This is what it looks like)


Snow day in Toronto: Hold the snark

Environment Canada has warned Toronto to expect up to 25 centimetres of snow on Friday. Sure that storm will hit other cities, too, but never mind. Here’s how it looks so far:

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First … the weather report: 
Canada. Winter. Snow. Canada. Winter. Snow. Repeat. #Toronto #weather #dlws http://pic.twitter.com/eYDk74zPVeronica Callinan
Canada’s Mainstreet seeing tons of snow, already over 10cm has fallen in Toronto, causing flight delays in #yeg!! http://pic.twitter.com/qAfIwN9vJesse Beyer
The #Weather in Toronto, ON is Snow, -6° Visit http://weather.com for more http://pic.twitter.com/hPfElGmVDavid H
Snowfall: Significant:
#SNOWmageddon in the bold Toronto. 28 inches of snow on my drive and 12 more hrs of madness;) http://pic.twitter.com/2k5kKWoWAurora Celtic ✅
Visibility? Not so good: 
Driving in, and now out of, Toronto for the past 3 hours and have yet to see one snow plow. #TOstorm http://pic.twitter.com/tPTI2ewKSonia Fisher
YIKES! Where did the lake go? #toronto #snow http://pic.twitter.com/2fibBmr7Annie-Body
You know the snow is bad when u can no longer see the CN tower #toronto #weatherissuesBelinda
Toronto’s city workers keeping the Gardiner safe #TOstorm #snowday #toronto #snow #weather #SnowTO http://pic.twitter.com/nL2ykugoVincent Demers
omfg so much snow rn #toronto http://pic.twitter.com/UdZVqSdo
Delays … many: 
#Toronto snow (1922 vs. 2013) — http://pic.twitter.com/3isFoFoVRob Davis
Toronto’s major arteries clogged #snow http://pic.twitter.com/HhyGoIcHMarijana Josifovska
This woman has 2 phones going w/ @AirCanada customer service. Flight cancelled @TorontoPearson. #Toronto #snow http://pic.twitter.com/UgjvBG7hJeremy Cohn
And while Tweeps outside Toronto made fun of all the chaos, truth is that most residents of the city simply got on with the day:
This mornings bike ride was interesting. #toronto @snow #bike http://pic.twitter.com/hQArwpudMaciej
snow day in Toronto? no problem with the TTC this morning, lots of room on the bus and subway! http://pic.twitter.com/lc8n23yhAlfred Ng
Snow day in Toronto! Quiet in the city. http://pic.twitter.com/qdNXytMNMorgan Livingstone
Others even stopped for a moment to capture its beauty: 
Call me crazy, but I am loving the snow. A real winter wonderland in Toronto. http://pic.twitter.com/pAUzLVOsThe GATE
#Toronto #snow ❄ http://pic.twitter.com/6MMI3mIXKathrynn
I just love this photo of Gidget and Odin this morning, playing in the #snowstorm. #puppies #dogs #snow #toronto http://pic.twitter.com/kPHbdOuWKiara Barrett
Great pic capturing snow in #Toronto RT @Chris_Merc: #cp24storm http://pic.twitter.com/7HT9nKWVSimon Ostler
Snow day #toronto #snow http://pic.twitter.com/AYi8v69GDevyn Elizabeth

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Snow day in Toronto: Hold the snark!

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