So, anyone have any bright ideas? -

So, anyone have any bright ideas?

Liberals to hold “thinkers’ conference” in January


What better place to think deep thoughts than Montreal in the dead of winter? The Toronto Star reports that the Liberal Party will hold hold its long-awaited (by some) “policy-renewal gathering” early next year. The plan? To kickstart languishing party morale—not to mention those flagging poll numbers—with a Kingston-style ideas conference. So, what does that actually mean? Not even the Star seems to know for sure; the agenda is still very much up in the air, although MPs have apparently received a questionnaire from Ottawa MP Mauril Belanger, which asks them to suggest possible topics and speakers. The confab is slated to take place from January 14th to 16th, barring a sudden election.

Toronto Star

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So, anyone have any bright ideas?

  1. Well as long as they don't spend it singing kumbaya, it certainly can't hurt. Well knowing them they'll find someway to screw this up.

  2. The best idea would be to send Iggy back to the U.S. or England for a vacation(very long),or repatriation,whichever way he would like to look at it

  3. How about a real leadership convention?

  4. From the Star article:

    "Expectations and ambitions have run high for this conference – intended to revitalize the party in the same way that big gatherings in Aylmer, Que, in 1991, and the "Kingston conference" of 1960 renewed the Liberals and positioned them for long runs in power….

    The product of that Aylmer conference was the "groundbreaking Red Book" of the 1993 Liberal campaign platform."

    Oh boy!…Red Book II

    Available in book stores for Christmas! (Void where prohibited, not available in Quebec, your mileage may vary, some assembly of monorail required.)