So much for those inflation fears?

Canada’s inflation rate at a 56-year low


Those billions of dollars in stimulus funds had a lot of people worried Canadians would end up paying for them through inflation. So far, though, that hasn’t been the case. In fact, according to figures released Wednesday, Canada’s inflation rate in July was at its lowest level in 56 years. Analysts say prices fell by 0.9 per cent last month, largely because of a massive 23.4 per cent drop in energy prices. It’s the steepest decline in prices since July 1953, when prices fell 1.4 per cent.


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So much for those inflation fears?

  1. (Try this again)
    wait til the other shoe drops"For now, mere words are enough to encourage American stock markets, but only briefly. More recently, US equity investors gradually are facing up to the fact that, while stock prices rose recently by some 45%, earnings, although "ahead of estimates", have fallen by almost 30%, despite savage cost cutting and deep inventory depletion. The more important top-line revenues have fallen by about 15% and free cash flows are tumbling in response.
    The public, who feel the vicious bite of "real" 20% unemployment (rather than the official rate of 9.8%), are becoming increasing distrustful of big government and deeply resentful of its increasing grasp of their lives. The cracks are beginning to show."
    see whole article –