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So What?!


I cannot stand this self-serving exit tour by George W. Bush much longer. Last week, when Bush was asked about his decision to engage in Iraq without conclusive evidence there were WMDs in stashed in the country, he answered,  “So what?” It echoed Dick Cheney’s answer to a question earlier this year about his authorization of torture in the course of interrogations, to which vice-president had replied with a terse, “So?” How insensitive to the many who have died because of their decisions.

Bush-Cheney will arguably go down as the most ideological administration in US history. It is certainly leaving a mess for the next administration: a deep recession, a financial meltdown, and two unfinished wars. And who will ever forget their disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina, which has come to define their legacy. When I saw the shoe flying during the Baghdad press conference last Sunday, I felt like saying, “So what?” And I believe 80 per cent of Americans feel the same way. End the tour already, Dubya, and just go!

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So What?!

  1. ‘When I saw the shoe flying during the Baghdad press conference last Sunday, I felt like saying, “So what?”‘


  2. I feel like saying So What every time I see Mr. Parisella’s byline. When was the last time you expressed an opinion that wasn’t simply piling-on with the Official Media Consensus of six months to several years ago?

    • In this case I believe he’s piling on to the Universal Historical Consensus for the Next Three Hundred Years.

      Also, he’s not a member of “the media.”

    • You’re right, there is nothing news or comment-worthy about a US President’s callous remarks regarding the multiple murders he is responsible for.

    • The “so what?” crowd here is astonishing, but predictable. This is why war crimes tribunals for the Bush Gang are essential. Unless these people see their heros defeated, they will rationalise anything the Bushes have done and in short order (like in four years) will be revising the whole period and insisting that it wasn’t all that bad…or in fact that it was great. And they’ll react with unbridled hostility toward anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

    • Would you rather he express the opposite view just to be different? Sure, he should sing the praises of the Bush-Cheney administration just to go against the “Official Media Consensus”. If you hate it so much, why are you even on the Maclean’s website ?

      • I’m under no illusions as to Parisella’s political slant, and that’s not the problem. It’s that he simply doesn’t make any interesting or creative observations, and instead parrots whatever every other columnist is saying, some time later.

        If a dozen people express more or less the same sentiments in print in the space of a week, that’s setting the tone of the conversation. If one just echoes the gist of the earlier arguments the next week or next month, he’s not really adding anything to the conversation.

        • He’s responding to a Bush comment. How is this echoing earlier arguments? Sure the paragraph about the Bush legacy has been seen before, but it is relevant to Bush’s recent comment. You are implying that what is past is past and should never be brought up again once another blunder is committed. It’s all relevant.


    John Parisella’s pro-Democrats/anti-Republican rants offer little insight/analysis of U.S. Politics, and amounts to little more than poisonous partisan propoganda.

    Could you please fire him and rehire Chris Selley?

    • Even Republicans threw Bush under the bus this past last election Mr. Tong. Relax, Obama will soon start to irrate, be patient.

    • Disagree. ‘ so what’ is as fitting a political epitaph for the Bush administration as any.

    • According to, a Blog is:

      Definition: an online diary; a personal chronological log of thoughts published on a Web page; also called Weblog, Web log

      Example: Typically updated daily, blogs often reflect the personality of the author.

      Heh Peter, now that you understand what a blog, you might understand why Mr.Parisella gives his point-of-view, which happens to be pro-democratic & pro-Obama. This is not meant to be an objective article, but rather his personal thoughts on American politics. You don’t agree? Post an intelligent refute ( as many people do) to one of his entries to counter his “poisonous partisan propoganda.” If you can’t, then move along already.

    • You’ve registered your opinion, Pete Tong. So what?

    • What rhymes with Tong?

      Wrong, wrong, wrong.

  4. ‘So what’. Is there in fact anything else the neo-cons actually could say, as they attempt to exit without letting the gate, shoes, accountability or anything else hit them in the ass on the way out. You weren’t expecting sorry, were you?

  5. ‘So what’. Is there in fact anything else the neo-cons actually could say, as they attempt to exit without letting the gate, shoes, accountability or anything else hit them in the ass on the way out. You weren’t expecting sorry, were you?

  6. I came over for the discussion on Miles Davis’ fine trumpet piece. What’s all this about WMD’s and Bush and Cheney?


  7. There will be no Nativity Scene in Washington DC this year! This isn’t for any religious reason, they simply have not been able to find Three Wise Men in the Nation’s capital, nor could they find a virgin. There was no problem, however, finding enough asses to fill the stable.

    — Courtesy The Daily Irrelevant

    • I believe the original quote was “We have been unable to locate three wise men in the Nation’s Capital, and none who were willing to part with their gold. In addition, a lack of virgins has prevented us from filling the role of Mother Mary, and the budget alloted for the stable is simply insufficient to accomodate the number of asses.”

      • Thank you. Sounds better.

  8. I hope Bush pardons the equivalent of the people Clinton decided to let go: Rich, Rosenberg, Evans and 16 FALN conspirators, to name a few, and we can watch all you Obama fans get your knickers in a twist one last time.

    • No, jwl. Just a fair trial for those around the world who aren’t allowed even know what it is they are supposed to have done.

  9. Who will he pardon? Maybe he’ll listen to Frum and let Conrad Black go. There should be a pool.

  10. Mr. Parisella – you are the most biased commentator on Blog Central. There is no pretense of objectivity, all we get is Democratic Party drivel. Given your comment that the recent assault on President Bush was fine by you, I imagine you would have applauded the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan back in the early 80’s. You really need to take a step back and stop being a Obama campaign mouthpiece.

    • Uh Jarrid- see above comment to Pete Tong. Or better yet- get a dictionary and look up “blog”. Then you’ll understand why Mr. Parisella is “biased”. This is his blog- his personal diary. He is supposed to be “biased.” Why do people think blogs are supposed to be objective? This is my biggest pet peeve.

    • He has never hid his preference but he has generally been fair to McCain . He is a liberal Democrat but he seems open to a more moderate Republican party . His blog has given usa ring seat view of Obama;s victory . At least , he got on the right bus . Now he seems to be more laid back and not the mouthpiece you claim . In any case jarrid , you make for good reading even if I disagree with you .On Bush , even his party hid him at RNC.

  11. I think the word, “insensitive”, is the grossest understatement of the psychopathy of the exiting US neocon administration.

    Both George W. Bush and Dick Cheny should be tried and executed.