Solar panel plant coming to Windsor -

Solar panel plant coming to Windsor

Facility could create up to 500 jobs


Residents of Windsor, Ont., where the unemployment rate is still hovering above 12 per cent, are getting a much-needed ray of sunshine. Solar Source Corp. has announced that is it planning to open Ontario’s first solar panel manufacturing facility in the border city this year. The 45,000-square-foot facility, which will be located on Windsor airport lands, is expected to employ up to 200 people by next spring, and up to 500 people within three years. According to Solar Source president Ross Beatty, the company chose Windsor due to its proximity to the U.S., and recruitment potential from the University of Windsor. The company has partnered with Hind High Vacuum Company (HHV), which manufactures the most crystalline silicon solar panel manufacturing tools and amorphous silicon thin film in India. Solar Source is investing $40 million in the launch.


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Solar panel plant coming to Windsor

  1. This approach has worked in Germany. Canada could be a leader in solar panel manufacturing if it were to convert unused auto assembly plants in southwestern Ontario to solar panel (or wind turbine for that matter) manufacturing facilities. That would give laid-off workers jobs and rejuvenate the economy of Canada's industrial heartland.

  2. So glad Windsor will be getting a few more jobs – and green ones at that.

  3. Did they get federal funding via Rahim Jaffer?

  4. "Canada could be a leader in solar panel manufacturing"

    Laughable. Canada, with few exceptions, can no longer be a leader in manufacturing anything because of unions, high taxes to pay the wages of unionized civil servants, concerns over Indian land claims, a legal system which does not prosecute white collar crime and barely prosecutes violent/property crime, out of control human rights commissions, race and gender hiring quotas making it illegal to just hire the best candidate for a job, high cost of living, declining social capital and trust as detailed in "Bowling Alone", and other quality of life issues.

    A manufacturer could produce solar panels at a fraction of the cost in many other countries instead of Canada and not worry about having his plant occupied by Indian terrorists while the police stand by and watch. But what am I saying: leftists believe that Brazil is off oil, despite being a bigger producer of oil than Iraq or Kuwait and a bigger consumer than Canada, so I don't suppose I will shake their mistaken beliefs about Germany being magically transformed into a Morgenthau-Plan-Meets-Kyoto Accord environmental Shagri-La with mere "facts" and "analysis".

    • Yeah, it always cuts costs when you don't have to worry about the security, safety or rights of your workforce, you're free to pollute as much as you want, the standard of living keeps wages down to subsistence levels, you can murder (with impunity!) anybody who tries to organize workers, what laws exist are easily skirted with a few bribes…

      Should Canada try to compete with that? How would you feel if a member of your family was killed at work due to lack of concern for safety? How about if you discovered your property was irrevocably polluted by a nearly manufacturing plant? Not the kind of place I'd like to live in.

      Should Canada support that? Are Canadians motivated by nothing but the cheapest goods the world can provide? Would I buy something for 20% cheaper at Wal-Mart knowing that it would threaten a Canadian job?

    • You are right and not "Bonko" or "Bonkers" but unfortunately you are never going to get heard because nobody gets it. This country is full of morons. One thing to note though. We need the ontario manufacturers to fill the 60% percent micro-fit made in Ontario rule. Of course everybody will be doing their best to beat the system like Canadian Solar is already doing. But they have hired some people. Time will tell

  5. While you are at it, why not build one in Sudbury, so workers there can have a job at something less environmentally disastrous than INCO?

  6. So the Canadian and Ontarian governments, in collaboration with three ding-a-lings with not one day's experience in solar energy, will start up a new company in direct competition with all of China. Oh, that's really bright. Presumably, when Solar Bancorp Group has finished burning through all the money given to them from our taxes, the three birdbrains will start a new merchant bank in something else, growing peanuts in the Arctic tundra or something, to get more national and provincial funding. We can always trust our governments to be totally incompetent and dumb beyond belief.

  7. Glad for Windsor and the job possibilities. But everyone should know there is already a Solar Panel manufacturer in Woodbridge, ON. The company is called Solgate and has been in business for 6 years. Not sure where all facts came from but Solar Source Corp. will be the second, not the first.

    • solarguy1 is right!
      Some of the Solar Panels sold by EnergieVair ( ), one of the biggest retailer/installer of Solar Panels and Wind Turbines energy systems in Quebec, comes from the Woodbridge, Ontario's manufacture.

  8. Where do you apply for a job?? I did not hear about the job fair on January 10th does this mean they have all the people they need??

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