Soldier charged in Wikileaks case left naked in jail cell for seven hours

Lawyer calls treatment of Pfc. Bradley Manning “inexcusable and without justification”


Life in the brig appears to be worsening for Pfc. Bradley Manning, the Army intelligence analyst accused of leaking sensitive government documents to WikiLeaks. On Thursday, Manning’s lawyer complained that his client was stripped naked and left in his jail cell in the Marine brig in Quantico, Va for seven hours on Wednesday. On Thursday morning his clothes were returned, but he was first required to stand naked outside his cell for an inspection. The soldier was told he would experience the same thing again last night. First Lt. Brian Villiard, a Marine spokesman, said that the actions were “not punitive,” in accordance with brig rules, and that it would be “inappropriate” to explain them. Earlier on Thursday, a friend of Private Manning’s, David House, told reporters that the soldier’s mental condition was severely deteriorating as a result of being confined to his cell for 23 hours a day, largely isolated from human contact.

New York Times

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Soldier charged in Wikileaks case left naked in jail cell for seven hours

  1. Maybe Pfc .Bradley should call his boss and see if he could help…oh, wait,, he's pre-occupied dealing with those pesky Sex charges in Sweden…maybe he could get help from Assange's right hand man…nope, busy writing a book….what to do ?

    • His boss is the Commander in Chief of the USA, tn…

  2. Hey…just a thought…

    When did Bradley join the military?

    If the torture allegations don't stick maybe his defense team could claim he was a child soldier.

  3. Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

    No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

    • He was stripped naked and left in his cell for seven hours…Maybe he was suicidal and they removed his clothing for his own safety…they do that you know ….

      • No they don't.

        • You're an idiot

          • And you're a Con.

          • Update..I just read that Pfc. Manning is indeed being stripped of his clothes..but only at night, after lights out, for his own Saftey, and then given back to him in the a.m., after morning count.

          • When people are on suicide watch, they don't turn off the lights. Nice try. The Americans are acting like barbarians as usual. Since 9/11 they're true colours have been revealed. Bring on more Wiki leaks.

          • Which they have no business doing, because it's against the law.

    • I'm no fan of WikiLeaks, but I have mixed feelings about Bradley's alleged actions. He deserves a fair, open trial – and fair treatment until then.

      If they do otherwise, the US just proves to the world (again) what hypocrites they really are – and that, when it comes right down to it, their famed Constitution and rights laws mean little.

      • Exactly.

        I also find it interesting that some folks are keen to punish Bradley and Assange, but have no problem with the criminal behavior of leaders that has come out.

      • Yes, the same trial he gave America. He needs to be made an example out of.

      • Don’t bet your life on that our “famed Constitution and rights laws means little.” We are bidding our time and trying to do this the right way. When all else fails we WILL do what we have to. This is OUR country and NO ONE will ever take this country from inside or outside. Those trying to upsurp and make a mockery of this land will become a scourage as well. No one asked foreigners to come here and try to take over and demand rights they never had in the first place. This European government Obama is trying to institute here will never work. We are a good people, but we are a bad azzed bunch when we are being messed with and we have been messed with about enough.

    • If they want to play hardball then they can expect to be treated as what they are….traitors. He is lucky he was not on a battlefield he could have been shot on sight.

  4. The Americans have become what they said they were fighting against.

    • Yes, so far they've managed to violate pretty much everything in their constitution and bill of rights.

      • People must like America pretty well they are hoarding her, creeping here, paying to get here, lying to get here and even killing to get here. They get here and want to change our country to theirs and expect America to still be America. I say if they don’t love ‘er leave ‘er and don’t let the door hit them in the azz as they are leaving. We do not need any of them. NONE

    • Only because of Obama

      • Bush brought in the patriot act.

        • Which could not have been approved without the support and approval of Democrats.

          • Based on the information they were given at the time, yes.

      • bwa ha ha

        Habeus Corpus suspended, extra ordinary rendition, torture and the memos, Abu Ghraib etc. etc. All while Obama was where????

        You sir are an idiot

      • Obama is a scourage to this nation and needs to be impeached for trying to ruin this country. If he is not trying to ruin this country, then he is so freaking dumb he will not be able to get a job at McDonalds when he does leave.

  5. He's a soldier, he should be executed for treason.

    • They haven't even charged him…..they have no proof of anything

      • As of March 3,2011, the Military have filed 22 additional Charges against Manning…..

        • So why the need to play these silly mental games? This is supposed to be the greatest military in the history of the world. They're acting like third world tyrants.

          • @ Jan, What games?…He gets his clothing taken away at night, and returned to him in the Morning…

          • Why are they taking all his clothes away – except to humiliate him? And it's not like this is the only thing they''re doing to him. What's next – waterboarding?

          • He is not on suicide watch and he has nor committed an offence while inside. Those are the only two reasons for leaving him naked overnight. So either this is overzealous behaviour or maybe USMC gaolers get their jollies victimising naked, helpless men.

        • So why is he in jail…much less being abused?

          • One would figure, that with 22 plus charges against a person they would keep you in custody ……

          • They had him in jail, and being abused, long before he was charged.

            And so far, they have no proof of anything either.

          • There is no proof he is being abused,,only what his Lawyer is telling the media, which is more than likley being blown out of proportion to garner sympathy from the public, which with the exception of a few, does not appear to be working too well.

          • Be serious

          • I am being serious…Any Lawyer will try and get public support for his client, and his Lawyer is doing exactly that… majority of the public hate the government, so it so easy to use word manipulation to sell the story on how badly treated, and horribly abused their clients are….

          • No, you're just arguing for the sake of arguing.

            The people in charge of the jail are announcing these things

          • Emily, I am just going on what Macleans has said on the top of this blog …"" On Thursday Mannings Lawyer Complained that his client was stripped naked and left in his Jail cell."" The ''people '' in charge of the Jail did not say these things, his Lawyer did….according to what Macleans wrote !

          • Then perhaps you need to follow the news more closely.

          • Being that in this paticular case, the debate was based on what was written by Macleans Magazine,so my research was done…….

          • Macleans didn't write it….but if you're that lacking in ambition it's your problem.

          • Emily, why do you waste your time with these idiots? If news came out that a bunch of unarmed Iraqi civilians were shot by a circling gunship operating on minimal intel and then the soldiers were heard laughing about it, these guys would say, "Well, those Iraqis had no business being in a war zone." You know, the war zone that just happens to be right outside their front door.

            You know what, that did happen and that is how these clowns interpreted it. Debating them is pointless. They think politics is just like football. You pick a team and you cheer for them no matter what.

          • I was debating what was reported by Macleans, and the New york Times, regarding comments Mannings Lawyer had made,,,,Care to join in, or are you going to just come in at the tail end and call people on this thread names ? and throw around mindless sarcassm…Just curious….Even Emily does not play the school yard game…..

          • I will give you exactly as much consideration as I feel you deserve. I expect no more from you. I am not interested in building bridges with Tea Party or Wild Rose folks any more than I will watch Glen Beck or Dennis Miller. My last vote was for a Conservative MP. My next will not be.

            The time for compromise with guys like those who make up Mark Steyn's amen choir is over for me.

            What I won't do is vote down your comment like a whiny baby. ;)

          • @ cbombast..I am humbled that you felt that my post was worthy of a response, But being that it is not about debating the topic at hand, there is really no point in continuing on, now is there ? That being said…I bid you a good day Sir !

          • That's true….s'like talking to a brick wall. Thanks.

          • @ OriginalEmily1…''Sigh''… It's true..I do tend to get a little stubborn, but you and I, do make for an ''Intense debate''…No offense was intended…….

          • Research involves reading more than one source. There's your problem, you shouldn't read one thing and stop there.
            Other sources reveal that the officers in charge of the brig at Quantico have admitted to leaving him naked at night. Apparently he is on a POI after joking with the guards. He is not on suicide watch and he hasn't been naughty.
            See it wasn't that hard to google and look at other news sources, was it?

  6. It is the duty of every American to expose those that have sullied the name of their country and fellows.
    This young intelligence officer acted on conscience. Who would tell or confirm to the world of those atrocities that he witnessed being committed.
    A commanding officer would be very wise to try to understand the very principals that motivated this young man and reassign him rather than torture and isolate him. By the very fact that this activity was able to be carried out in the first place by this young man showed his commanding officers either lacked interest and or ability to have the appropriate security apparatus in place to prevent the misuse of information and thus a party to the failure to secure that information leaked.
    It is so sad to see of such a great nation being torn down by the the petty and complacent attitude of those rogue forces within the system we have claimed to the world as superior.

  7. All nations stand to be judged by their actions and today we see evermore the inability of man to be peaceful with each other.
    As with civilians, soldiers too must be held accountable for their conduct. That theme must resonate from the top down at all times and must be addressed at the management level of operations when loss of control and mandate is evidenced.
    People throughout the world yearn to subject themselves to honourable governance where law and order prevails through the application of justice.
    When Government with its military, its law enforcement officials and judicial bodies fail to apply those principles of good governance and justice through their actions then these have openly demonstrated they are no better than the enemy they claim to are an affront to them, and they deserve to be exposed at every level.

  8. Well just as the Kadr clan found out, when you screw around with the American military bad things happen to you. Cheers

  9. His lawyer needs to be left naked in jail with him. Who gives a flying crap if he is left naked in jail. He can kill all American azz.

    • He can kiss all American Azz as well as he has tried to kill American azz.

  10. He needs to be stripped of his hide and left in jail along with any who do not support this country and kiss Obama azz.

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