Soldier charged with murdering Taliban fighter -

Soldier charged with murdering Taliban fighter

Canadian army captain faces court martial next month


A Canadian army captain will face a court martial next month on charges he killed a severely-wounded Taliban fighter in Afghanistan last year. Captain Robert Semrau is accused of second degree murder and is the first-ever Canadian soldier to be prosecuted for the alleged homicide of an enemy fighter. Semrau allegedly shot the sole Taliban survivor of a three-day firefight with Canadian and Afghan forces in December 2008 after it was determined his injuries couldn’t be treated on the battlefield. The proceedings against Semrau are scheduled to begin Jan. 25 in Gatineau, Que.

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Soldier charged with murdering Taliban fighter

  1. Sounds like he put the guy out of his misery. I'm not one to jump to conclusion though.We'll see what happens in the inquiry.

  2. Sorry for drifting off topic and please excuse my crassness but had he turned the Taliban over to the Afghanies he would have been subjected to torture. Kind of a Catch 22 eh. I have yet to hear what the bleeding hearts suggest should be done with all of the prisoners that are captured by Canadians in Afghanistan. I wonder what the Taliban soldier would have done if the shoe was on the other foot, likely tortured the Canadian himself right then and there.

    • Build a jail with other allies (Brits and Dutch) or detain them in Canada.

      Handing them over to torture seems the crass and illegal thing to do.

      • Fair enough Nich. Then do we also pay to send them to trial, spend the cost of lawyers for both sides and if they are guilty then house them for the length of their sentence and of course offer them treatment solutions as we do with criminals in Canada. Of course after their sentence they would likely become Canadian citizens. It seems that being a global citizen and assisting other oppressed peoples is becoming quite onerous, in more ways than one.

  3. It's important to consider exactly what was said:

    "…after it was determined his injuries couldn't be treated on the battlefield"

    the key part of the phrase being "on the battlefield". It doesn't say that his injuries couldn't be treated. We can't assume that the soldier "put the guy out of his misery". I'm sure some will question why we should treat wounded Taliban. Would they treat our wounded? The reason is simple: We hold our soldiers to a higher standard than the Taliban.

  4. Sounds like he was put out of his misery. In the future, it may be safer for soldiers to just let the bastards lie there and suffer. At least in the presence of a Canadian…um….I was going to write "journalist" but given the pickings from Canadian schools of journalism, I should rather say, "Someone who gets paid to write false crap"

  5. No doubt the CFNIS likely screwed up AGAIN !! We need an independent body looking into all allegations.
    It's time to protect our soldiers from their Commanders and Ministers!!

  6. Americans summarily executed insurgents in Iraq and Hillier and his kind worship the American way. We have become what we are supposed to be fighting against.

    • Hillier was one of Canada's greatest Chief of defence staff canada has seen since WWII. Now i am guessing that frank words, even though true, are seen as unwelcomed for some, especially in the LPC. However his actions and his words needed to be done and said.