Soldier pleads not guilty in Taliban murder case

Capt. Robert Semrau is charged with shooting wounded insurgent


A Canadian soldier accused of killing a wounded Taliban fighter in Afghanistan pleaded not guilty on the first day of his general court martial. Prosecutors say Capt. Robert Semrau fired two bullets into a wounded and unarmed insurgent after a firefight in Southern Afghanistan on Oct. 19, 2008. He’s been charged with second-degree murder, or alternately, attempted murder; behaving in a disgraceful manner; and the negligent performance of a military duty, and is the first Canadian soldier to face a court martial in connection with a battlefield death. His trial is expected to last until June.

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Soldier pleads not guilty in Taliban murder case

  1. WHERE IS THE EVIDENCE? According to reports the body of the supposed victim disappeared. No body, no evidence of a murder or even any crime. So he fired two shots, who is to say he didn't shoot at some other target/threat? Again where is the evidence? Eyewitness reports have so often in our recent history have proven time and again to be unreliable, just ask the Assoc. for the Wrongly Convicted. Why was he even charged? PC gone mad even in the military? Let him go now! In case you are wondering I do not support our troops even being there!

  2. What is ironic that if he had shot the Taliban five minutes earlier, it would have been a good kill. He may have even been given a medal. Now he's being treated like a criminal. It makes no sense to me.

  3. Should have done the same thing to Omar Khadr.

    • And every other taliban prisoner.

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