Solitary confinement for Wikileaks source -

Solitary confinement for Wikileaks source

A report on the inhumane conditions of U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning’s detainment


For 23 out of 24 hours a day, U.S. Army Private Bradley Manning sits imprisoned in isolation, barred from contact with the outside world. Manning is the soldier accused of leaking classified military documents to WikiLeaks—a crime for which he has yet to be convicted. After a series of interviews with people directly familiar with Manning’s imprisonment in U.S. Marine brig in Quantico, Virginia, deems the conditions of his imprisonment cruel and inhumane, and likely to cause long-term psychological injuries. By some nations’ standards, writes author Glenn Greenwald, those conditions may even be seen as torture. For five months in Quantico, and for two months before that in a military jail in Kuwait, Manning has been kept in solitary confinement, and deprived of basic attributes of civilized imprisonment, such as a pillow and sheets. Barred even from exercising to pass the time, he is under constant surveillance to enforce the restrictions imposed on him. Solitary confinement, Greenwald writes, has been widely argued to be as psychologically distressing as physical torture, and for that reason many Western nations refuse to employ it except in the most extreme cases of prisoner instability or violence.

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Solitary confinement for Wikileaks source

  1. I can somewhat understand the solitary confinement; given he is accused of treason, it can easily be argued that the isolation is for his own protection. But no bedclothes? No exercise?

    I have no great amount of sympathy for anyone who has been convicted for what he is accused of, but the man hasn't even been tried yet. More and more, I'm becoming convinced that the term"American justice" is an oxymoron. This will only increase support for Manning and Assange.

    What are they thinking?

    • They aren't thinking Keith, which is why they believe that trying to control almost every other country in the world for the last 65 years isn't going to come back to bite them in the ass.

      • Jim, without USA you would be writing in German

        • Amazingly enough the US didn't win WWII….stop watching John Wayne movies.

          • Who did then?

          • Allied Forces….the US showed up late you know….just in time to claim the credit for the years of fighting everyone else did.

            The Battle of Kursk was when the Russians took out the German tanks

            'Stalin's Soviet Union defeated the Third Reich, destroying 100 German divisions in titanic battles on the Eastern front that made D-Day seem a minor battle. By the time U.S. forces landed in Europe, Germany was almost defeated, without a navy, air force or oil. '

          • Get a good education young one…

          • Have one thanks, and I'm 64.

          • The Russians were the most important factor in winning WWII; I've believed this ever since I saw American historians agreeing it was so. Many countries contributed to the victory, but without Russia, we probably would not have won the war.

          • You are 100% on this one, Emily. In the History channel docutainments I have watched of late, I always wonder "Where the heck are the Germans?" and "Why do they have no equipment?" Answer: Allied bombs and Russian blood. The battles depicted in "Enemy At The Gates" show the conflict on a good day. The slaughter was utterly unfathomable.

            Having said that, I still am very thankful for the sacrifices made by our valiant Canadians in Europe.

    • Keith there is no reason to bite the Americans for minor harsh treatement of this treasonous, egotistic, cowardly indiviidual. I met someone who spent 4 years sleeping, in a camp, in isolation on the floor with some hay as a bed and he turned out all right.
      Living in a civil society require the acceptance of a number of principles, laws and conventions. I'm talking of Manning and Assange who decided they are above all those and can do what they please, putting the lives of many at risk, setting back the subtle dance of diplomacy etc.
      This country's security, standard of living, development, opportunities, etc is directly dependent on the generosity and goodwill of the big-harted people some Canadians love to hate. Some do it because they can't think of another way to define themselves,some because of lack of education and some because of plain envy.

      • "Living in a civil society require the acceptance of a number of principles, laws and conventions."

        Have you seen the video he leaked showing US soldiers shooting at children from a helicopter. Here, I'll make it easy for you:

        • Torture is not something any civilized country should employ. The Americans have much innocent blood on their hands. They've done some good in the world, but they've also done evil.

      • "Minor harsh treatment" ? What, do you do this stuff when you're having a weekend up north roughing it? Please. This is disgusting.

      • What about the pure hypocrisy of the behaviour?The US holds itself up as champions of justice, freedom and democracy. When they behave in a manner that calls into question their willingness to live by the standards they try to hold the rest of us to, they lose (even more) credibility in the eyes of the world.

        All too often, it seems, they take the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" and turn it on its head – as here. Sure, Manning looks guilty – but we've heard only one side so far.

        They have him in prison; they have no excuse for cruelty. Punishment is supposed to FOLLOW conviction. Behaving in this way, they give comfort to their enemies, who can now point to them and say "they say one thing and do another; how can anyone trust them?"

        IF Manning did what they say he did, THEN he deserves whatever penalties their laws allow. Until then, presumption of innocence should at least afford him bedclothes and the right to exercise.

  2. This is ridiculous and cruel. When I read something like this I have less and less respect for the US government. Whatever happened to innocent til proven guilty!!! Even then all he appears to have done is leak the true thoughts of the world situation according to US diplomats. No one can point and say his actions have killed a single solitary person. Disgusting!!!

    • Paul, what you need is a stint in the military…That should take care of your sensitivities and teach you to face some of the hard facts about life. You don't have a clue how many people would die because of these narcisistic idiots, nor how many long,protracted diplomatic efforts would be lost

      • "You don't have a clue how many people would die because of these narcisistic idiots, nor how many long,protracted diplomatic efforts would be lost"

        Neither do you.

        "Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said there is still concern Afghans named in the published documents could be retaliated against by the Taliban, though a NATO official said there has been no indication that this has happened."

      • And how many have died because of narcistic idiots like Cheney & Rumsfeld? Btw in the military you get exercise, interaction and pillows and blankets.

  3. Punishment before conviction, even for Americans now.

    A little Gitmo for everyone.

  4. He is a trator and who gives a crap about him and Assange. They both hate the west and both are protected by the civilized west. I think if they and there kind hate democracy so much they should immigrate to a nation more in line with their ideaology.
    All that these two traitors did is move the world clock a couple minutes closer to armagetan.
    And to you people who think they are heroes, get your heads out of your asses.
    The term "need to know" applies here, as why do you need to know what the hell the leaders of countries are saying.
    All i know is I go to bed every night knowing that the people in charge of my safety our doing their job, that is the bottom line isn't it?

    • I forgot to sprll check, please forgive me, and have a Great Christmas.

      • You shouldn't need one. Happy Sir Isaac Newton's birthday.

    • If ignorance caused physical pain, you'd be screaming right now.

    • They don't hate the west– they hate lack of transparency. Manning wouldn't have joined the military in the first place if he "hated the West," and Assange knows that these leaks help the West live UP to it's ideals rather than stomp on them.

      • Manning – maybe. I think his motives may be pure, even if his approach is at best questionable. Assange: not so much. In his case, it seems to me to be more "Look at me! I'm the baddest! I can mess with the big guys whenever I want & they can't stop me!!!"

  5. In Federal prison in Canada if you are put into the Solitary Confinement Unit you have a mattress and you…That's it,, your meal is served through a slot in the door…23 hours lock up, 1 hour exercise time… maybe. This person is a trained Soldier, he will endure it.

    • In Canada, you get due process before punishment is even thought of.

      And please stop pretending 'trained soldiers' can endure anything, because they can't.

      • Who said trained soldiers can endure '' anything ''..I said he could endure '' it '' … Solitary Confinement, and the reason he is in Solitary is mainly for his own protection.

        • Can't 'endure' it anymore than anyone else, either.

          He doesn't need 'protection'

          And he certainly doesn't need to be banned from exercising in his own cell, or not being allowed a blanket.

          • He doesn't need protection…Do you really, really , think that his fellow Soldiers are going to play nice with a Traitor, not likley. Mr. Manning's Quality of life is probably better in solitary, than it would be in general population.

          • It would appear that a good number of people in the USA and elsewhere are already very comfortable with traitors. They have been serving under them for awhile now.

          • Too true! Esp. Dubya and his crew (I'm still holding out hope for Obama).