Some Lions in Winter


I was digging through an old hard drive this evening and came across some pictures I shot on Parliament Hill a while ago. I’m not sure how old these are, but I think I took them in the winter of 2007-08.  I’m a lousy photographer, but I like the one of Pearson.


Some Lions in Winter

  1. I always thought King statue was a bit peculiar looking but it’s appropriate because King was odd person.

    • Made, I have just learned, by Raoul Hunter in 1967, while he was the editorial cartoonist for Quebec City’s Le Soleil.

      • Huh. Has anyone ever done a piece on the statues on the Hill, and who did them? I remember a few years ago there was talk about getting a Trudeau one commissioned.  

        • They basically do them in order and Pearson was the last, during Chrétien’s first mandate. Trudeau’s been bogged down a bit because people get tied up in knots worrying about the proper symbolism, etc etc etc. An article about public art on the Hill might make a good Canada Day feature, but you’d have to arm-wrestle Geddes for it.

          • Ah, perfect choice, and be sure to include those admiring faces beaming at him from under cowboy hats.  Because that hasn’t happened for any Liberals since.

            I would love to read a Canada Day feature with the opinions of both you and Geddes on this subject.   

          • “Trudeau’s been bogged down a bit because people get tied up in knots worrying about the proper symbolism …. ”

            I read this an hour ago and didn’t believe it at first but makes complete sense when I think about it. No doubt Libs are disagreeing about how to immortalize their God. About only thing I like about Trudeau was his cheekiness, so I would vote for Trudeau giving the finger or doing pirouette.

          • I see a potential Feschuk blog “vote for the PET image that should be immortalized on The Hill”.  With Harper in charge for four years, can you imagin a satirical choice in keeping with his personal opinion, lol!! 

  2. Thanks for sharing.  Having grown up in Ottawa you take many of these jewels for granted.  

    An article about public art on the Hill would be an excellent feature or features if you do cameos on the subjects. 

    Even the Parliament buildings themselves have stories to tell – might tie in well with the current renovations and all the money we are spending!!   How many people know that they are one of the most important examples of the Gothic Revival style anywhere in the world?

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