Some Pucks... Some Head! -

Some Pucks… Some Head!


Advertisers, meanwhile, said anyone who thinks the disputed “Hockey Night in Canada” theme song has much monetary value outside of the CBC-TV broadcast has taken too many pucks to the head. —  Canadian Press, three days ago.


Toronto, ON – CTV Inc., together with Copyright Music & Visuals, today announced that CTV Inc. has acquired all rights to ‘The Hockey Theme’ in perpetuity, preserving the song’s legacy and ensuring it will be heard on national television for years to come…


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Some Pucks… Some Head!

  1. my jaw just dropped.

  2. It’s time like this that I think that the people running the CBC don’t understand that they’re operating in a market economy. The CBC guy in charge of this fiasco, Scott Moore, is quoted on the CBC website saying that he’s surprised the CTV would buy the song, since it’s “a constant commercial for our network”.

    No it isn’t. The song is a constant commercial for HOCKEY. As advertising guys put it, the song promotes the category, not the brand.

    CTV has pulled off a major coup. This is like getting Courtnall for Kordic.

  3. It’s about the competition for hockey broadcasting supremacy, so TSN has a scoop in the way that CTV News “scooped” Lloyd Robertson from the public network. It will help them gain credibility in the short term, but it doesn’t mean CBC will go away so the impact will dissipate. The song isn’t the brand, HNIC is the brand, and that’s still on Saturday night.

    Meanwhile TSN has taken on a couple of million dollars in costs to get a very old song, while CBC is poised to get a brand new song (and a whole lot more publicity) with a competition and $100K.

  4. Ok, so Hockey Night in Toronto will have a new song. It stopped being Hockey Night in Canada years ago and everyone is complaining about the song.

    Who cares? Only Leaf fans I am sure.

    The Leafs never won anything since CBC used that song anyways, so rejoice ye who still be superstitious!

  5. nice WSC allusion