Some ridings are more equal than others -

Some ridings are more equal than others

Opposition accuses government of lavishing funds for playgrounds and rinks on Conservative ridings


According to research done by The Globe and Mail, Conservative ridings in Ontario have received about 38 per cent more money than opposition ridings from a government infrastructure fund meant to finance things like hockey rinks and playgrounds. The Globe’s analysis of 750 RInC projects found that Tory ridings received an average of $2.1 million; opposition ridings snagged only $1.5 million. “In effect, Mr. Harper is saying that some children who need recreation facilities are worth less than others,” said Liberal infrastructure critic Gerard Kennedy. NDP leader Jack Layton accused the Tories of going “back to the old Chretien-style of infrastructure programs.” Finance Minister Jim Flaherty counters that Tory ridings may fare better in the program because many of them are rural, and thus have more pressing infrastructure needs. He also points out that RInC projects are selected through a joint effort with Ontario’s Liberal government.

The Globe and Mail

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Some ridings are more equal than others

  1. If Harper & Co. would quit playing games with Canadians and RELEASE THE STIMULUS DATA this would all be over. . .or maybe not. . .

  2. knick, it looks like this was more hysterical Liberal hype and G&M journalists lacking in basic analytic investigative skills. George Smitherman (an Ontario Liberal, as I am sure you know) said today that their is no bias in stimulus spending in Ontario; if anything Toronto is getting more than it's fair share. And the Canadian Federation of Municipalities echoed what Smitherman said today.

    Egg. Face.

    Don't believe everything you read, especially if it originates from the Fiberals.

  3. That's just it, I don't know what to believe because Harper won't tell us the details of where our (and our kids) money is going.