Something to write home about -

Something to write home about

“Meaningful agreement” reached in Copenhagen


A climate change deal has been reached. Well, “deal” might be too strong a word. But a “meaningful agreement” to address global warming was reached on Friday by U.S. President Barack Obama, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and others. A U.S. administration official describes the move as “not sufficient to combat the threat of climate change but…an important first step.” As part of the agreement, countries will clearly outline the actions they will take to reduce carbon emissions. There will also be a scheme set up to help developing countries pay for their environmental efforts. Still, few details about how these  national commitments will be verified are available. The issue has been a sticking point throughout the Copenhagen talks, specifically between the U.S. and  China. Ambitious plans to to make a legally-binding pact seem also to have been dashed. “It is now clear there won’t be a comprehensive accord,” said Italy’s  Environment Minister. “There will be a text that refers to next year for a comprehensive agreement.” The draft agreement that was passed around on Friday discusses aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50 per cent by 2050 (compared with 1990 levels).

Wall Street Journal

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Something to write home about

  1. I think the word, "meaningful" just hot heavily devalued.

  2. I think the word, "meaningful" just got heavily devalued.

  3. to really cut greenhouse gases not only would you need people buying products that are more efficient but also changes in peoples lifestyles …we have a consumer oriented trash producing car driving meat eating culture that won't be changing much anytime soon

  4. So much for the Copenhagen Accord. Instead, it's the Copenhagen "Important First Step".

    • The best part was when Obama said "U.S. will not be legally bound by anything that occurred here today" at his press conference. But it's a really important first step!

  5. If only the protesters had been louder and more obnoxious. That surely would have helped.

  6. fuddle duddle: just had a big steak tonight and drove my car around in circles in celebration that we had the best result possible from Copenfraud…a big fat zero. After 150 private jets flew in and 1200 limos that were hired plus the arrival of air farce one the best we can say is that no new taxes were imposed on people who were not invited the the Copenfraud carbonfest. It also debunked the rediculous idea that "evil harper and evil canada" we all the world's problems with "climate change". The darling of the copenfaudin' love in, China, gave the finger to the whole bunch and that gave Obama the out he knew was coming. Thank God the nutty professor(Dion) wasn't in charge, he would have pledged to shut down Canada so he could feel good about his useless self as he alone "saved the planet"…along with his soul mate Lizzie May. Merry Chistmas…and if that seasonal greeting is politicaly incorrect..tough..such it up buttercup.

  7. Amazingly the same likely have been accomplished with a few phone calls. In the future if they want want something more remarkable… leave the politicians and protesters at home and have the scientific community together without media to mull over what they really know about climate change. What it means and what we can or can't do that will make a difference. Too many preconceptions, raw data and ad-hock interpretations to make decisions that may or may not tremendously change how we live.
    Still for everyone who thinks the world is at end, turn off the lights, turn down the heat and walk to work tomorrow.