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Somewhere, Mordecai is smiling


Jacob, Emma most popular baby names of the decade

(Daniel and Noah are also prominent)

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Somewhere, Mordecai is smiling

  1. "Parents like the sound of traditional names, but they also want to show the individuality of their children."

    A note to parents. You are not showing "the individuality of their children" when you give them oddly spelled traditional names. All you have done is give your child a name no one will be able to spell and your child will be correcting people their entire life. If you want to emphasis individuality, you should choose name that few others have like my parents did. Naming your child Madalen instead of Madeline does not actually separate your child from other Madelines, it just makes people think you are illiterate.

    • "All you have done is give your child a name no one will be able to spell and your child will be correcting people their entire life."
      In this fast-paced world in which we live, parents have to act early if they're to get the jump on all the other candidates for the position of primary source of blame for their children's future f***ed-upedness. Stupidly spelled classics is an easy way to get the ball rolling.

      • George had it right. You have to name the kid “Soda” or “Seven”

      • lol.

    • Depends on your background. Mine happens to be scandanavian. Nobody pronounces or spells my first name correctly where I currently live. My husband was the only one I ever met who spelled my last name correctly (he's European) – and its not a difficult name. But, I grew up in Mtl where all of my friends were from war torn Europe and uncommon names and spellings were common. I'm very accustomed to correcting the spelling of my name (kept my maiden name when I married) and it doesn't bother me. Those that can't accommodate unusual spellings of names are, IMHO, rigid and ignorant.

  2. I fear one day I will have a grandchild named Madi___.

    • I am waiting for parents to start using text message lingo to name their kids.

      • I'm waiting for the day parents start using internet handles to name their kids.

        "How are you, Liebruls Drool Smith."
        "Not bad, Harper Sucks Jones."

        • "I don't want to have to tell you again ROFL that you aren't allowed to play with Harpocrisy"

          • lol, you are on a roll today Nich. I was thinking along similar lines though I was imagining internet handles and text lingo would be combined.

  3. Josh Adams – check
    Madeline Bowman – check
    Delicious Wonder Bread – check

    You know corporate sponsorship of children can't be too far away…

    • Not when it makes so much sense. It may just be the season, but I anticipate the names to read sort of like bowl games, so for example, Luke Jefferson, the boy who lives down the street (the kids say they've seen him bothering the neighbourhood cats, but that's off-topic), becomes The Home Depot Luke Jefferson.

  4. Somebody should alert Steyn to this startling development so he can get to work figuring out why the Muslim hordes that are taking over western civilization are now naming their kids Jacob and Emma instead of Mohamed and Adeena.

    • They realized Steyn is on to them. Sneaky buggers.

      • Hey! You said you were going dark to finish a book or something. I went back to your sight and discovered your darkness lasted a couple of weeks. It was fun to catch up.

      • Somehow Christopher Bryant Binladen just doesn't have the same ring to it.

  5. Seems to me that googleability is a new factor in choosing a child's name. Speaking as one of several thousand Jack Mitchells.